Friday, September 17, 2010

Because You See, I'm Obviously Just A Stupid Woman

This morning, I answer the door when everyone arrives to sort out the electrical problem.

"Can you go get your husband, we're ready to fix the electricity."

Uh, huh. Anyone that knows Mr. ETB is aware that he just barely knows which end of a shovel to dig with, and that when it comes to household/general maintenance things, he's probably not the person to speak to. Me? yeah, I'm just the broad in the apron.

"Sure thing, I'll go get him!"

For the record, he hasn't got a fucking clue either-but he went outside and watched the whole thing because it seemed like the really butch thing to do. Just imagine the testosterone as three guys stand around watching another guy climb a ladder to solder a piece of wire together. Pretty macho stuff there. Good thing I wasn't out there, I might have felt faint, and been without my smelling salts. Fine with me-I can stand around inside the house scratching my arse and looking clueless-I don't need to be out there with all the really aggressive bees and wasps this time of year.

For now, the problem appears to be solved. We're due for bad storms again tonight, so keep your fingers crossed for us, because if I have to go through this ordeal again, I'm moving. No really, I'm not kidding-I am this close to packing up, and moving to the city. Living on a bus route is starting to sound more and more attractive every day.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll just get my pretty little self back into the kitchen to whip up dinner.

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