Friday, September 10, 2010

Dudes, I'm Shitting Books Here!

So here's the deal for Sunday, if you can get to Omaha:

Fill a bag of books from the discounted section (good stuff in there too-lots of science, and classics) and pay $2.00. These are the books that had been selling for .25 cents.

You don't want to know how many volumes I bought today (no really, you don't). I'll get photographs, and a longer post up after I rest for a bit. Most of what I ended up with weren't library editions, but donated books-some of them were really nice. I didn't really need a three volume biography of Lorenzo De Medici from 1800, but what the hell, it was four bucks. Likewise, I didn't need the gigantic book listing all the known national anthems of the world (with sheet music!) but I really would have felt bad leaving it there. Besides, someday I may need to know the Gambian National Anthem-and I'll be all set.

Some of the more difficult to find treasures I came home with:

A History of Spain, Harold Livermore (I had actually been looking for this and was resigned to eventually ordering it from Amazon)

The Lore of Ships, Tre Tryckare 1963
I'll get photos up later-this is a magnificent edition... after I vacuum the cat hair out of it. I'm still trying to figure out how the cat hair got into a series of inside pages, but I guess we never can really know what cats are up to when unattended. I guess it will be worth the potential allergy attack cleaning it out.

Anyway, more later once I've had a chance to assess what we got.

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