Thursday, September 09, 2010

Search Hits

I get the very best Google searches bringing people here. Sometimes I learn about fetishes I'd rather not know about, or dishes that sound too revolting to be true. I really like the ones that ask advice like, "Why did I marry a cheap Scotsman?" Like yeah sister, I hear you but what the hell do you expect Google to do about it? I get an awful lot of hits about, "Husband doesn't like my cooking." Sometimes I wish I could respond.

At least a couple hits a day come from Hawaii looking for, "lemon crunch cake." It must be a popular local thing. Most of the hits from the UK are for, "goose fat chips." Indonesians come here searching for, "pineapple danish." I really ought to track the queries by country for certain dishes-it could be interesting.

My all-time-very-favourite search was, "Therapy to finally get over Watergate." You can't really top that, can you? I thought I might drive some strange hits to the blog by doing a title about Bob Avakian and Magnolia Bakery cupcakes-but it never got any searches-for either. I could see being pretty far down the Google page for Magnolia Bakery cupcakes, but how many people are out there searching for Chairman Bob these days?

So Mr. ETB suggested one tonight that we're sure will generate some interesting searches:

Reading William S. Burroughs to Alzheimer's Patients.

I can't wait.

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