Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Partial Power

We had a hell of a storm come through here last evening. Downed trees, uprooted crops, part of the neighbour's silo in our yard-a real mess. The next town down the road clocked a wind at 81 mph. We're out on the rural road that way, so I guess that was what came through here.

The strange thing is-the power is working-at least in some parts of the house, but the lights are all very dim-partial power. Every so often, it just goes out-but only some of it. None of the circuit breakers trip, and it comes back on-without doing anything. This happened half a dozen times today.

No point in cooking anything-the stove will just go out. Same with laundry. The computer has been flaky all day as well. *shrugs* at least I have reading material.

Anyway, blogging will be light until an electrician figures this all out.

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