Sunday, September 12, 2010

Record Breaker

As we were leaving the Omaha Library Bag sale (fill a paper bag for $2.00 with as many as you can cram in there) Mr. ETB asked if we broke any records. Turns out, we did. I asked if we could have a library volunteer certify that so I could post it on the blog. I spent twenty four dollars today-do the math.

Oh my goodness did we get fantastic stuff. Art books galore, history books, philosophy, drama, classical studies, science, nature...dudes, I know I said I need five more bookcases-make that ten. Gee whiz, this was like the library sale to end all library sales. I can't believe the quality of the books they were practically handing away.

Oh, the movies too! I filled bags of VHS tapes for $2.00 a bag. Good classics, films about artists, documentaries. I told Danny he's not permitted to complain of boredom again until he's at least fifteen. Then, I told him he had to have all the books read by Friday, but he just sneered at me in response.

So much fun. Next one is in December-mark your calendars.

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