Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Canadian History Books, and Other Things That Bother Me

Really, I'll be pleased if he can remember John Cabot, and something about Cartier. I flipped open a copy of The Pageant of Canadian History, and was met with this stunning statement:

"North America was formed through geological ages to become the home of virile men."

Rock hard? I can't find the joke, but I know there is one. The book continues much in this absurd, over-written manner, with generous ethnocentric characterisations of the indigenous peoples. Yeah, we're going to need a better textbook. Canada has changed a bit since 1943, though assuming their men are as virile as before. They've probably stopped calling the First Nations, "savages."

While I'm complaining about the quality of writing for children...

I've finally given up, and resorted to teaching classics with Edith Hamilton, and the Bullfinch. How on earth can you teach mythology and give it the old, "happily ever after" treatment? Bah! That's what's wrong with kids today. Now get offa my lawn, you damn beatniks with your long playing records and happy endings!


Cheryl said...

What came to my mind was, "With my best girl by side, we'd sing... sing... SING! Oh, I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay..."

Goody said...


I completely forgot about that.