Monday, September 27, 2010

This Is Going To Be The Best Gorgon's Head, EVER

It began with a Halloween costume-Danny is going as Perseus this year. He can't very well be Perseus without Medusa's head, so I ran around Omaha last weekend looking for Styrofoam heads, and rubber snakes.

The thing is, once word gets out that you're crafting a Gorgon's head from a Styrofoam wig stand head, and rubber snakes...everyone wants one. And really, why wouldn't they? Some asswipe in an SUV just passed you after tailgating for the past five miles? Just hold up your handy head o' Medusa and turn that bastard to stone. Imagine the possibilities. I went ahead and bought two heads, you know-just in case. You should see the way people drive around here.

I need to get some LED lights to wire her eyes. This is going to be the best Gorgon's head, ever!


Susan from Food Blogga said...

Snakes? Ooh, I'm scared. ;)

Goody said...

Ya want me to send ya a gorgon's head too?

Wouldn't life be great if you really could turn jerks to stone with a Medusa's head? High School would have been so much better...