Thursday, September 16, 2010

Power Still Flaky

It appears to be something outside the house., as all the overhead lights work, but nothing plugged into a wall does. Odd, huh? Ugh. Anyway, I'll see if I can get through this post before we lose power for something like the tenth time today.

I haven't really been cooking, as the power is likely to go at any moment. I lucked out tonight, and managed to get dinner together, but I'm sure I'll wake to the screech of the carbon monoxide detector surging on and off all night. I guess I could just unplug it-not much risk this time of year with the furnace off.

I. Am. So Sleep Deprived. It Isn't Funny.

The air is so deadly still in here at night without a fan going. It isn't even hot-just stale. Contrary to popular belief, the air isn't cleaner in the country (particularly if your neighbour has been burning trash in the pit) and opening windows during harvest would mean all kinds of dust flying in here. The phone isn't working right either. There, how's that for complaints. Got any complaints to share? Type 'em in the comment section. I'll moderate, and post them if the power stays on.


Jenn said...

You know, people just don't get it. Clean country air my arse. Mary's skin is worse than it has ever been, and we are fairly certain that it's because of all the crap that farmers spray on their fields. We've spent the last month trying to figure out what is going on with Mary, for a while the doctor thought she had lupus, but her ANA came back negative. Now we're leaning towards farm chemicals.

We have strange power issues here too, I was told it's a rural thing. I completely know what you mean when you say it's like the power half goes - all the lights dim and the clocks reset, but we don't actually lose power.

Goody said...

On the one hand, she's lucky it isn't lupus (lemme tell you how much that sucks-a LOT) but random chemicals giving your child a rash isn't really any less frightening. And god knows what else. I mean, that's the thing-we don't really know, do we? "Oh sure, plastic baby bottles are perfectly safe" until they go and pull them off the market. Then, we find out there's YEARS of research indicating the dangers...well you know. Just keep consuming until enough people get sick because whatever liability these chemical companies have in the end will still come nowhere near the profits they've been making all along. Our lives are just part of some bastard CEO's cost calculations.

Wow-that was ranty.

Danny's had a rash on his legs for years that comes and goes. The doctors dismiss it as a bit of dermatitis, but I really do wonder if it has to do with sitting in a bath filled with our well water. Just because it tests safe, doesn't mean it is. We don't drink it (yeah, I'm one of those evil people that drives to the city to buy purified city tap water). Does Mary spend a lot of time in the tub?

I hope you figure it out soon-it is so hard to tell a child not to scratch, even when they understand, they're still miserable.