Thursday, April 30, 2015

New (to me) Shoes

 Oh, would you look at that-summer shoes. I found them at Goodwill, brand new, and only $3.99 It was good timing as my favourite summer shoes were all in need of some repairs. I dropped three pair at the local cobbler to have heels replaced, and this time I had shoe-savers affixed as well. My vintage Naturalizers and Gaymodes are already half a century old, so if I intend to keep wearing them (I do) they should be given every possible treatment to preserve them. Yes, it is an investment, but money well spent as far as I'm concerned.

These shoes are also Naturalizer, but I doubt they'll last fifty+ years. I think these are recent (90's maybe?) and the quality is OK, but not what it used to be. I like the straw wedge heel, and the shiny vinyl upper that goes with just about everything. One thing I will say about Naturalizer is that they've always stayed true to their reputation as a comfort shoe. These won't give me blisters, and the sizes fit true.
...and they look so great with the visible toes gussets of my nan-tights! If the searches that bring people to my blog are any indication, there's a fetish for" fatties in American tan tights." Hey, who am I to judge?

 The dress may look familiar, but I've never worn it on blog. I have a very similar colour/print mini-dress. You may have noticed I tend to buy duplicates of things I like, or that are just ever-so-slightly different. I've always been that way, which explains why I own brown wool skirts in every imaginable length. Sooner or later, they wear out, and I like having back-up clothes that I know work for me. And, I'm a slob, so the odds of something being ruined by spilling a glass of wine on it are rather good.

See what I mean? What's more, I have two wrap skirts also in the same pattern, one green, one blue. Eh, summer is a tough season for print variety (that's my excuse).

I baked another pie today, in pursuit of a blue ribbon at the fair this summer. I'm calling this one, "Mrs. N's Tears" as it is filled with blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

5 cups mixed berries
1/4 cup quick cooking tapioca
1 cup granulated sugar
1 tablespoon lemon juice
2 tablespoons butter
2-crust pastry recipe (mine is all butter)

Combine the berries, tapioca, sugar and lemon juice in a bowl. Let stand 15 minutes. Pour into lined pie tin, dot with butter, and cover with second crust. I brush my crusts with double cream and then sprinkle it generously with coarse sugar. Cut vents. Bake (on a sheet because it will drip) about 50 minutes in a 400 degree F. oven.

Guaranteed to make the pie-baking competition weep.

Outfit Particulars:
Issac Mizrahi for Target dress (about 12 years ago)
Vintage Janice Brendt cardigan-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage stranded necklace-Salvation Army
Naturalizer shoes-Goodwill
Enid Collins bag-Antique Mall
Lucite Bangles-Goodwill
Giant purple ring-K Mart

"Oi fatty, get yer legs out!"


Unknown said...

How amazing is it that you found brand new shoes fro only $3.99! Seriously that is fantastic! It is true though they don't make things like they used too. It is cool that shoes can last so long! Love your beautiful dress and you can never have too many that are similar I say! Good luck with getting the blue ribbon this year with your pie! It does sound so delicious!


Janice said...

Nice triple berry pie combination. I'm sure it will scrumptious. What's your thought on using gelatin as thickening agent in pies rather than cornstarch. I have always stuck with the tried and true but have come across a few recipes recently which called for gelatin. I completely love your dress. The pink is flattering :)

Goody said...


Thank you. If I *do* win the ribbon, you guys on the blog will never stop hearing about it, so perhaps it would be better if I didn't!


I haven't heard of using gelatin in a fruit pie, only chiffon. It makes sense though, doesn't it? When I'm just baking a pie to enjoy (not pursuing ribbons) I thicken with flour as we like soupier pie. Cornstarch makes the prettiest pies, for sure, but Mr. ETB dislikes the texture, so the compromise is tapioca. I'm going to experiment with gelatin now that you've suggested it. I need a pie that will hold together in a slice for judging at the fair, but not be so stiff it is like glue. Maybe this will be the magic formula I'm looking for. Thank you.

Bibi said...

That hot pink is gorgeous on you! Love the almost Hawaiian print too.
Nebraska must be one of the rare places in the US to still have an affordable cobbler. We had one little shop in Sonoma county run by 2 Mexican cobblers who spoke very little English but did exquisite work. The prices they charged were such that it was usually cheaper just to buy a new pair of shoes rather than get them repaired.
I buy duplicates a lot also. I must have the largest black turtleneck & metallic jeweled sandal collection world wide.
My Ukranian aunt used put just a pinch of cinnamon in her berry pies, said it brought out the natural sweetness.
If anyone wishes to donate $ for earthquake/ disaster relief in Nepal I'd only recommend UNICEF-
Sadly, little stores reselling donated goods are already popping up all over.

Curtise said...

Love the ladylike dress and new shoes. I'm not a duplicator at all, so when something in my wardrobe dies, I have am in mourning without a Plan B...
Pie. Love it. Don't make 'em (I'm shit at pastry.) But you'd better win that blue ribbon, we're all cheering you on!
PS. Sorry, it was me who did that blog search. Thanks for the foot photos, they're just what I was after! xxx

Joanna said...

You crafty lady, I'd never enter into a competition at a baking fair with you. Do they have things like this near you? Like a state fair kind of thing? I'm sure you'd do well. I love a good pair of vintage shoes too but they are so delicate to wear. I have also taken pairs to the cobbler to bring them back to life. I also need to have a go at shoe stretchers as most vintage shoes I like are too narrow.

Goody said...

My Ukrainian grandmother didn't bake, so no idea if she would have gone for the cinnamon as well, but it sounds worth trying-thank you. Our cobbler is expensive, but not as expensive as a good pair of vintage shoes.

You get some strange blog searches too, if I recall.

We do have a county fair, and a state fair both of which I've participated in. Danny won four ribbons last year for his jams/nectars, and I one a prize a few years back for a rye bread. This year, I'm determined to win for pie.

The most reliable method I've found for stretching shoes is to wet them slightly, pile on a few pair of socks, and wear the shoes around the house. You have to be careful with vintage shoes if they're starting to dry-rot, but that's also something a cobbler can do for you. For most shoes though, the socks method seems to do the trick for me. Just keep telling yourself, "It hurts to be beautiful."

Mim said...

Rice flour might also work for thickening the pie filling - I've used it in place of tapioca flour in Burmese recipes.

I agree with you on getting multiples - there's nothing worse than having something you really like wear out, and then spending years wishing you had a replacement. I get that so often with shoes.

Goody said...


Oh, good idea! I have rice flour that I use as a bread topping. Thank you!