Monday, November 23, 2015

I Don't Have "Plans" For Black Friday

 Top-to-bottom completely thrifted.

It finally happened-someone asked me what my "plans" were for Black Friday. She didn't ask what my plans were for Thanksgiving, if I was going to visit family, or having guests here. No, I was asked whether I had planned my shopping for the day after the holiday. Look at me-no really, take a good look. Do I project the sort of vibe you'd get from someone that would camp out in line overnight in a cold crowd for the chance to push and shove my way at whatever the latest electronic gadget is? Hello?!

I'm not sure why they persist in calling it "Black Friday" as most of the shops are now open on the holiday itself-god forbid people should have a day without spending money. Low wage workers would like to spend the holiday with their families too, even if they had to get the meal from a food bank because you can work two jobs and still not earn enough to survive. That's our national sport (after shopping) kicking people when they're down. If you think I'd brave crowds, cold, and my personal safety to engage in a free-for-all that's as exploitative to the consumers as it is to the employees...then you don't really know me as well as you think. No. I do not have plans for Black Friday. 

In other news-there's a Downy Woodpecker that keeps pecking at the empty seed-feeder and looking around chirping what I'm sure translates to, "But I *know* there was food here!" The poor dumb thing doesn't see the full feeder next to it. Go eat some safflower or suet dumbbell. I feel sorry enough for it that I might get up and go fill the feeder just for him. It is so pathetic-at least the Sapsucker eventually figured it out. He's been hanging there since I started typing. Geez. 

 Outfit Particulars:
Black knit top-Goodwill
Liz Claiborne wool jacket-Goodwill
Vintage blue and silver lurex mini-skirt-Fairytale Costumes
Socks-K Mart
Necklaces-Both Hand-Me-Ups
Brooch-Can't remember
Fragrance-Bal a Versailles

OK, I'm back-I fed the woodpecker. Five seconds after I closed the door, he was back pecking at the feeder obviously pleased with his power to manipulate humans.

I'm cross-posting the jacket to Plaid Tidings.


Bibi Maizoon said...

Bal a Versailles, a blue lurex skirt, & a mad plaid jacket - now that's style!
I vowed many years ago not to do any shopping (online or off) from Nov.1st to Jan.7th, I refuse to participate in the orgy of consumerism.
Our holiday season (Eid/Dashain/Diwali) is already over around here. Funny, the holidays as an opportunity to sell more crap hasn't quite caught on in India & Nepal. I've seen a few price markdowns or 'special offers' for holidays here but nothing even close to what you see in the US.
Now starts the BIG FAT DESI WEDDING season (Dec. through Feb.)!!!!! WOO HOO!!! Now weddings are something Indians & Nepalis will spend big money on, even going heavily into debt.

Beth Waltz said...

Ohh, I love Big Fat Indian Weddings! I love the food my coworkers bring to share at lunch and I love the mendi on their hands. I'm not a woman to wear tatoos, but someday I'll find exactly the right little black dress (OK, it'll be a plus-size "little") and get hennaed right up to my shoulders -- on both arms!

Do like the skirt and lurex combo here, but what really *pops* is the brooch on the shoulder. It's exactly the right size and the right placement.

I have a suet feeder for the local woodpeckers which also serves to entertain my cats. These birds are relentless when the feeder is empty, staring into the house for service, giving the cats migraines with their telepathic messages: "Send the human out with a suet cake, send the human out..." And then there are the blue jays. They squawk!

Propagatrix said...

"Plans for Black Friday?" I'm doing my Christmas cards, picking at a turkey carcass, and walking the cat. We may also go to a movie. What else is there to do?

Goody said...


Hopefully you'll have food and fuel by then or there won't be anything available to go into debt for.

I always imagine the birds taunting inside cats, "Ha ha, you can't get me."

No, the cat will be walking YOU.
We're getting some sort of ice storm (they say) but I'm sure that won't stop people from lining up at the mall.

Mim said...

It's been Black Friday mayhem here in the UK. We don't have Thanksgiving, so there's no natural brake on things, and most retailers seem to have gone berzerk for the entire week - though, interestingly, sales in actual shops have been low, apparently most people who've been bargain hunting have done so online.