Friday, December 15, 2017

Christmas Brooch of the Day-Day Eighteen

A cheerful little Modernist-looking tree. No markings. I love how the top is tilted just a bit-gives it a whimsical look. That was deliberate as far as I can tell as the brooch does not appear bent.

I bought the fish for Christmas eve today (frozen). As it is difficult making seven different fish dishes I cheat a bit and make a paella with fish and fava beans (and if I'm feeling fancy, some veggie sausages). I make my own sofrito and this year I have tomatoes from my garden roasted and frozen for it. I buy seven different small-portion frozen fish and we'll still have leftovers for a few days (I don't eat it). As I only make this once a year (don't want to splash out on expensive rice everyday) it is typically enjoyed (I've never actually ruined it, but I've come close to charring the bottom beyond repair). Anyway, as I was purchasing my fish I realised just how close Christmas is, and that Danny's Birthday is Wednesday. Yikes! I think it might make sense to extend the brooches through 6 January when we take down the tree, decorations, etc. Then, since everyone gave me such wonderful feedback about the feature, maybe I can do a weekly or monthly feature on a group of brooches in a certain style, or time period, or colour. I do have an awful lot of them and if it helps someone identify theirs it would be a worthwhile thing to put on the internet. I mean, yeah I could be posing in my underwear playing video games (which would be great) but in terms of helpfulness and mass appeal I think I'll go with the brooches. Me in my undies is more of a specialised interest.

Anyway, I need to get my shit together and start baking cake.


bahnwärterin said...

not that i collect brooches - but i find your installment very interesting, coming from a rural corner of the world with not much fashion jewelry around. granny wore one of her 3 genuine gold brooches for an occasion and we kids had one or two, very treasured, cute plastic things... never guessed that are so much variety is around before i knew you and ann/polyester princess.
we outsourced the goose baking to a friends house this year - where we will eat at the 24. - i just have to made the red cabbage. and clean my house until dec. 21. - after that it is forbidden for the next 12 days.....

Beth Waltz said...

The variety of your collection is amazing, Goody. Like Beate, in my youth there was "good jewelry" in the boxes on our mother's dressing table -- and cherished plastic animal pins in a top drawer of our chests of drawers (next to the hair ribbons). Do, please, consider sharing the contents of your boxes with us!

Catchng up after a few days dealing with job-related holiday tasks, I'm now giving Danny a long-distant stink eye. Hey, kid! Pay attention to your mum's Proustian tales of snow in Chicago and Hickory Farms shops in busy malls. Those scenes of my own young adult years are now as ethereal as my grandma's recollections of horse-drawn sleighs in Indiana in the 1910s... (Of course, Auntie Bibi was also on spot with the turkey log, Stove Top dressing and frozen green beans. And Jello.)

Anonymous said...

I do like this one because I tend to prefer things with a very simple design. Good idea about extending the series, I am enjoying it very much. I never wore brooches much until recently but now have one on just about every day!
I forgot why you do the fish thing. Is there a link? JanF

Polyester Princess said...

Lovely colours on this one and I quite like the whimsical tilted top. I'd love to see more of your brooches after 6 January (you knew I was going to say that, right?) as I think your collection more than rivals mine. I might even join you and show a couple of my own. Generally I think you are much more knowledgeable about yours. I often have no idea how old they actually are and not many of mine are signed. I've already learned a couple of things from you. For instance, you once told me one of my brooches looked like Miracle. I hadn't even looked at the back yet. But you were right! xxx

Goody said...

I'm making red cabbage this weekend too. Plenty of juniper and mustard seeds in it. We always have it for Boxing Day lunch. That's more a nod to my husband's mother's side of the family as they are Pennsylvania Dutch. I bought some in a jar one year and nearly had a revolt on my hands, so now I make sure to do my own.

At least when he is in his 50's and trying to remember stuff he'll have the blog for reference. How I wish I could go back and ask my family details to stories I've forgotten.

We had "good shoes" we had to save for special occasions that would end up outgrown after being worn once.

Thank you! I am so glad I was able to help you with the ID. I'd love a better look at your collection.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

I am totally astonished at how many Christmas brooches you so goodness only knows what else you have in your collection...I, for one, can't wait to see them!


Bibi Maizoon said...

More brooches please! What a pretty little Xmas tree.
Made 3 gallons of peppernooten yesterday- quite the feat considering I'm baking in a tiny toaster oven with variable electricity!

Alli Duncan said...

I love all your posts, Goody and would love you to do an ongoing feature about your brooches or indeed, any of your fabulous jewellery! I would especially love a feature on your earring as I particularly collect them and love to see other people's collections. Happy Cooking! Best wishes, Alli, Canberra, Australia

Radostin said...

I'm in favour of continuing brooch posts, too!

Goody said...

They're so inexpensive to collect I suppose I get a bit carried away.

Toaster ovens are amazing. We had a Delonghi that lasted for ages-I used to bake small breads in it. I'm sure your family will enjoy the treats.

Thank you. Oh, I have a frightening collection of earrings-worse than the brooches! I'll see what I can dig up-might be fun matching them to brooches.

Thank you. I like doing the brooch posts because I don't need to run a comb through my hair and put on clean clothes ;)