Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Christmas Brooch of the Day-Day Twenty-Two

 Today I have a cluster of trees. Large tree in the centre is Tancer, tree on the right bottom is Gerry's. My favourite of the group is the small tree on the upper right.


Beth Waltz said...

Assembling this glittering, golden forest of Christmas trees must be as much fun as decorating a table top tree for the foyer console: "...this ball goes here, and that one...". The sturdy little one in the upper right resembles a collar tack I found years ago at J.C. Penneys.

Vix said...

Beth beat me to it, I was going to describe your collection as a golden forest!

Bibi Maizoon said...

O Tannenbaum, Wie treu sind deine Blatter!
They're all so pretty- I like the tall one in the middle.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Fabulous - I'm amazed the brooches keep on coming...

Polyester Princess said...

I'm impressed by your "golden forest", quoting Beth and Vix! Where do you keep finding them? I've especially looked out for Christmas related brooches at my last flea market, but couldn't find anything. Back to your golden trees: they are lovely, my favourites are the two on the right. xxx

Goody said...

I thought about doing all the trees at once but suspected it would be too overwhelming.

It is a good description.

"Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer we'll keep the red flag flying here..."

I'm kinda amazed too! I knew I had several but didn't quite realise the scope until I started posting them.

I find mine in the junkiest of junk shops as they are considered to tacky looking for better shops. Originally I suspect many of them were inexpensive dimestore purchases, so there are a lot of them about. It probably says something about Nebraska that we have a seemingly endless supply of cheap looking items in our thrift shops. Easy to see why I feel so at home here!