Wednesday, December 20, 2017


We have a teenager. To celebrate we bought him some Cubs related items. *
When I asked what cake he wanted, Danny replied, "A turkey." I decided to do a before and after.
 This is the before...
...and this is the after.

these were the easiest cakes I ever made as cutting the shapes was straightforward and I didn't need to decorate and corresponding iced cookies. The cranberries on the roast are candied cherries and you can just see a few buttercream roasted potatoes on the other side.
Turkey themed birthday party? I went ahead and made the turkey loaf-I will not be partaking. Danny is genuinely interested in turkeys from an ornithological standpoint, and it should be noted you will never see a turkey that looks like the one on the left in the wild. If you!

Happy Birthday kiddo. I'm so glad I get to be your mama. You were worth waiting all those years for.
* The dead goat on his shirt refers to the Curse of the Billy Goat. I knew he would love it. Wait until he sees what we bought him for Christmas ;)


Bibi Maizoon said...

Happy Birthday Danny!
Sonoma county is infested with wild turkeys- bizarre & inane creatures that they are. Gorgeous B-day cakes & turkey loaf too? Wow!

Goody said...

He liked the turkey loaf *shudder*. Served with a box of Stove Top! I didn't try either, but I'll take his word for it. We had wild turkeys in rural Nebraska, but rarely see them in the city (though sometimes we see tracks in the snow).

Off topic-I finally tried Gabrielle on a quick trip through Dillards. I'm shocked, but I don't hate it. I don't love it either, but I could see wearing it on a mild summer day. Obviously, I'm not the target audience for it, but once I got over the shock of not being repulsed, I found it kind of pleasant. Not a powerhouse "OMG there's nothing else like it", but okay-ish. If it were a cheap drugstore scent I'd be impressed but I guess I have higher expectations from Chanel. Thank you for your review-I never would have bothered trying it otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Your cake design skills continue to amaze me!!! Brilliant. Did you always do this or is is recent? JanF

Goody said...

I didn't bake until I became a mother. There was a steep learning curve, but I'm better at it each year.

Vix said...

Happy Birthday, Danny! What a fabulous mother you are, your skillz are incredible. xxx

Polyester Princess said...

Happy Birthday, Danny! And long may you enjoy making cakes at his request. How clever to have done a before and after one. xxx

beate grigutsch said...

herzlichen gl├╝ckwunsch zum geburtstag - danny!! (happy birthday - danny!)

goody - you make the funniest, most gorgeous cakes! will be hard to be a grumpy teenager with such a cool mother like you!

Beth Waltz said...

Happy birthday, Danny, from a loyal Cubs fan who remembers the years when... Wish you were here in Indiana to see the wild turkeys stalking about like velociraptors. I do a good "gobble" and would be delighted to teach you "how to".

Miss Magpie said...

Happy Birthday Danny! Love the mad 1st cake, you are so clever.

Goody said...

I improvise a lot-in all aspects of parenting and cake decorating.

I will keep making them as long as he wants me to.

oh grumpiness comes naturally to that kid!

I hope someday we can get together-I'm sure you two would get along famously (and attract a flock of turkeys).

@ Miss Magpie
There is a fine line between clever and the stuff of childhood traumas ;)

Goody said...

Thank you for sending Birthday wishes-Danny enjoyed reading them.

Radostin said...

Happy Birthday, Danny! Everything about this post is just fabulous.