Tuesday, January 12, 2010

He Can't Wear That

Danny has some rather inflexible opinions about clothing. At around three years of age he refused to wear pajamas with attached feet, and has refused ever since. This year, he's decided that a knit vest and sport coat is preferable to a sweater. I know, he's five and dressing like an old man. Did I mention the knit vest has to be argyle? Cables are apparently too fancy for his tastes.

It was still rather cold out today, so in my haste to get him dressed and out the door, I forgot and pulled a sweater from the drawer.

"I can't wear that."
"Oh come on, we're only going to Ashland to run a few quick errands...we'll be out less than an hour."
"I can't wear that sweater."
"It is a perfectly good sweater-your Auntie put a lot of thought into selecting it for you. It's a designer sweater from New York."
"I can't wear that sweater. I just can't...anymore...I hate it...it...it...it has reindeer on it!"

ly enough, his Pop is the same way. I'm guessing it must be some deeply held cultural memory among the Scots/Irish from the invasion of Viking Danes.

Duly noted. No more reindeer.

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