Monday, May 24, 2010

The Betty Crocker Castle

-you know, the one from the cookbook that you always wanted to bake as a kid, but didn't. I really should have leveled that base, eh? Oh well, you don't have to live in it-the castle is made of cake.

The cookbook suggested a boxed mix a can of frosting. It has been a while since I bought either, but I have to think trying to frost this with the stuff in the can would be frustrating. I never could get prepared frosting to spread.

Danny made the flags-all states in the country of Dannystan of which he is monarch. Dictator. Tyrant. Well, you get the idea. He has it all figured out, like when he's dictator of the world all the stickers kids buy will be re-stickable. I think that's reasonable actually. He's right, there ought to be a law...

We had fun baking it, which really is the point. You know, the problem with that cookbook is that I now have a craving for grape soda and vanilla ice cream.


Raymond said...


I had that cookbook, but that cake was always an unfathomable dream.

Goody said...

I'm still being expected to come up with a half-birthday cake in a couple weeks.

You know, it was harder to arrange than it looked. It did however make excellent trifle once the cake went stale.