Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Could Use Some Advice On Skincare

We have really hard water, and very few soap/cleansing products wash cleanly off my face. I have been washing my face with Neutragena (I probably spelled that wrong-I don't look at the bottle, I just use the soap to wash my face) liquid. I like it, and a small amount really does a great job removing the daily grime I get from cooking and living on a farm full of dirt. Except in Summer.

I'm sure something like witch hazel would help with the grime feeling I get in hot weather-but I have very dry skin. Very dry, sensitive skin. I really hate investing in a million bottles of products only to toss them out. I also need to avoid anything with nut butters/oils due to allergy concerns with Danny. I just had to toss out shampoo because of almond oil.

Does anyone have a good recommendation? I seem to remember using Noxema cream in the jar a million years ago, but I have no idea what that would do to my skin. I still have a pretty vivid memory of it being used to remove oil-based stage makeup when I was six. Unfortunately, that was when the first few chickenpox erupted, and the combination of oil based makeup and know, my mother was always encouraging me to "project" on stage, because I was kind of soft-spoken. No one was coaching me to project once that shit hit the chicken pox pustules. I just had a flashback-if I do end up buying Noxema I need a giant bottle of Jean Nate. Do they still make that? I really want a bottle of it. You know what else was great? Midnight In Paris perfume. I loved that-why oh why did they have to stop making it? Noxema smelled pretty bad, didn't it?

OK Internets hive mind-I'm hoping you have some good suggestions. It has to be inexpensive though-I just want to wash my face, I'm not obsessing about wrinkles, and the like (too damn late for that).


Janice said...

Our Dollar stores here in Ohio sell this product.

Goody said...

Thanks, I'll look for it. I've had good luck with St. Ives stuff in the past-I don't know why I forgot about their products.

Raymond said...

My mother used to wash her face with lard. *pause. think about that one* ...... i think she said it moisturized.

Goody said...

I just read something about people using lard to preserve eggs for months-I guess they smeared it on as a coating or something. Before freezers, I guess it had a place.

So yeah, lard-nature's preservative. Think I'll stick to the Ponds.