Saturday, May 01, 2010

Vintage Saturday-Tasty Treasures Cookbook

The 70's were really the height of transforming food into disturbing centrepieces. Let's have a look inside.

Well, I'm not sure about the "tasty" part. Not really convinced on the "treasure" angle either. Someone paid $1.25 for this booklet. That was real money in 1977.

Now kids, if you want to make this adorable walrus out of a lime and toothpicks, be sure not to use Mummy's last lime because she needs those for her gin and tonics. She gets a bit cross when we run out of limes. And gin. I really didn't think it was an actual chicken. They say I'll be fooled, but I wasn't.

This kid is gonna get it when his mum gets up from watching her stories, and sees the mess he's made. Any mother worth the title can still beat their kid without spilling her gin and tonic. Yeah, she's going to see the flour all over the place and hit the damn roof. Thank goodness for the sedating qualities of Beefeater.Gosh, what does this remind me of....wait, I've got it. Oh yeah, it IS May Day, isn't it? Yeah, these too. Maybe the cookbook author just got back from seeing Wicker Man. I remember seeing it when I was probably too young to be seeing it-scared the shit out of me. Recently watched the remake, which was embarrassingly bad. But the original? Oh man *shudder*
You know, if I could get the boys to eat watermelon (which I can't) I'd totally make one of these. I'm almost sorry I no longer work in an office because this would be so fantastic to bring to a luncheon.
Hope you enjoyed a trip down suppressed memory lane.

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