Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How To Get What You Want

-By being dishonest, manipulative, and if all else fails, postive thinking.
(Except for the next to last person in the article who filled her response with so much self-help-pop-psychology-Oprah-code-speak, that I had to stop reading. I don't care how sincere a person is, when I read, "Blessed", "Pay it forward", "Random acts of kindness", and "Attitude" in the same sentence, I tune out. It sounds rehearsed).

OK, I get it-an editor for Cosmopolitan wrote a self-help book (nah, that isn't a punchline) and is promoting it, so the paper went out and asked local women how they "get what they want."

I know Omaha is a small city, but you couldn't find better responses than these? Crying? Come on, this is a freaking adult? You have to take some disappointment in life. If your spouse didn't want a dog, and you cried to manipulate him into agreeing...I don't know. I wouldn't want to be in a marriage like that. Geez, can you imagine that level of bullshit game-playing? I know people live like this, but it sure does sound unpleasant. I guess as long as you got what you wanted, that's all that matters.

No wonder all these surveys keep telling us young people think nothing of cheating on exams.

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