Saturday, May 01, 2010

Isn't That An Insult?

Today's "achieving Idiocracy" moment brought to us by the appropriately named, "Simple Mom."

Really, would you embrace being associated with something called, "Simple Mom?" How about a "Slow Food" magazine for kids called, "Slow Children?"

"Home managers" is kind of funny though. You can tell in the first ten seconds of scanning the front page that it is filled with self-help crap for the Oprah watching crowd. Oh, you want an example. OK-THIS article tells you how to become more attractive through laughing, and smiling and not complaining.

*taps fingers on desk...don't really want to sound cynical...tap...tap...tap...getting more difficult...*

Yeah, I'm sorry...I can't not (sorry for the double negative as well) make fun of this. It just makes me want to complain, and show cleavage.

If only we really could board them all on a spaceship out of here. I'll give it a couple days (since it is a weekend) before I get a hit in the sitetracker from someone monitoring reactions to Simple Mom.

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