Sunday, May 23, 2010


The bunnies have been coming up close to the window by Danny's desk. He spends a good deal of time watching them. They're quite small-really itty-bitty little things. Tonight, we went outside, and left them a carrot.

Those silly bunnies ignored the carrot, feasting instead on the long stems of dandelions they slurp-up like spaghetti noodles. I'm glad for the help with the dandelions, of course, but it would be nice if they'd eat the carrot. I wonder, do bunnies even eat carrots, or is that something I came to accept as fact based on cartoons?

I suppose it would be the height of cheapness to go outside, retrieve the carrot so Danny thinks they ate it, and then wash and cook it. Would that be gross? I mean, they didn't actually eat it, and carrots grow outside...yeah OK, it was a supermarket carrot I shoved in the ground. You're right. I think. Yeah, you're right. No, I'm not going to do least I don't think I will. Maybe. Probably not.


Page D. said...

Ok, I can't believe I have to tell you this..... go out there and nibble on that carrot!

Goody said...

For the bunny's benefit, or Danny's?

Oh, I think I get it-like Christmas and leaving a bitten-up carrot from Santa's reindeer. Right?

Page D. said...

RIGHT! Did you do it?

Goody said...

I was going to, but it is gone. I suspect the (many) feral cats that roam the farm made off with it.

Next time though. Thanks for the reminder.

Raymond said...

Oh, I *LOOVE* the idea of someone buying carrots then sticking them into the ground. That's GOTTA get used in a story sometime. A story of some helpless city girl - A GREEN ACRES EPISODE? - who wants to be successful at gardening. (Why does John Waters come to mind here?)

Goody said...

"It's got electrolites! Plants crave it!"

Did you see that movie? It stops being funny halfway through when you realise how close to home it hits.

Raymond said...

That's still on my list to watch. Also, "Religulous."

You might also enjoy "Schizopolis" by Steven Soderbergh.