Saturday, January 18, 2014

1960's Scooter Dress

The dress didn't do my figure any favours, but that's not why I'm getting rid of it. I'm getting rid of it because it is impossible to go to the loo without completely undressing.
Hey, take a look at my great pin-curl set. It stood up to high winds today, though it is a bit fluffed out. I still can't decide if I like my hair curled, but this time there seemed to be less frizz, so perhaps I'm getting better at it.
And yes, I did go before I left the house. Geez, what are you, my mother?
Downstairs loo needs the mirror washed. I never use this one. Why can't they wash their hands in the basin? Why, oh why must it be splashed, everywhere?
 That there is a "pervert-proof dress." There's shorts beneath. And a good thing too as we had a high wind warning in Omaha today with 60 mph winds. I'm sure I disappointed some pervert.
 Blue and orange is my favourite colour combination of late.
Had these porcelain earrings forever. Thought it was tine to wear them.




Outfit Particulars:
60's Scooter/Skort dress .99 cents, Thrift World, Millard
60's Blue Leather shoes: Thrift World, 90th and Maple
Blue Tights: Shop-Ko
Rings: Blue glass swirl, Hobby Lobby. Blue and gold rhinestone ring, Mum's, Yellow floral ring, Goodwill, Blue and silver ring, Mexican Shop, Evanston, Illinois
Bracelets: assorted, thrifted
Necklaces: thrifted
Earrings: had forever, can't remember where I got them
Blue 60's handbag: Thrift World, 90th street
Hair flowers: Tiff and Tam


Jessica Cangiano said...

It's darn hard to beat $0.99 Bakelite, way to go! On both it and all of your great thrifting finds that day. I've had a couple of garments like that, too, and they really had to go (as some of my medical conditions require me to need to be able to use the restroom very frequently every day) - no pun intended - right away, as I can't have anything hampering my ability to use the facilities uber quickly. Thankfully, pieces that require you slip out of them to go aren't very common in the mid-century vintage world.

♥ Jessica

Goody said...

OK, so I won't be sending you a jumpsuit anytime soon ;)

That store was incredible, as is their sister location across town. They do estate liquidations for places too small for proper estate sales (Granny died, and the family is cleaning out her condo type deals)and the things I find just blow my mind.

I wish I could fly you down here for an afternoon-you'd flip for that place.