Saturday, January 25, 2014

Auto Show 2014

Here Danny demonstrates how to stick your nose in the air whilst driving an expensive car. "Snoot, snoot, big snoot driving through."

Oh, OK right-you need your nose higher for a BMW. Much better.

I think we all know how I typically look in a car...

If this was what Detroit thought would woo consumers back into the showrooms...I don't think it is going to happen. This was the first year I left the show without any catalogues, or make and model information. The word, uninspired comes to mind. We did however get to play with the various cars, which is always a good way to spend an afternoon in January.
Outfit Particulars:
Hat: K-Mart
1970's Wool Skirt by Panther-thrifted
Belt-Can't remember
Venetian glass earrings-bought in the 80's
Amethyst ring-gift years ago
Brooch-Carolee, 80's
There were some classic cars on show as well. If they made cars like that, I'd buy one.

OK, forget the about a Vespa? I could see myself on one.
Danny looks embarrassed. I haven't any idea why.

I did manage to hit a thrift store on the way home, and found all sorts of wonderful 60's and 70's gems. The best of the lot was a red ensemble with a long coat (and polka dot novelty lining) but there's a yellow bell bottom pantsuit as well. I'm sure they will feature on the blog soon.

Now, to the "Owl thing" tomorrow.

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pastcaring said...

Embarrassing one's children? Do it all the time, it's too easy really, but such fun!
Now I have handbag envy too... xxx