Saturday, January 11, 2014

80's Does 40's Dress

I wasn't sure about this one. Typically, I stay away from clothes I would have worn the first time around. I knew, to pull this off successfully it would require accessories. Lots and lots of accessories. How'd I do?
 The hat belonged to a neighbor years ago. I was getting married, and showed her my mauve dress. She went to the cupboard, pulled down a hat box, and presented me with the hat she had been married in. I can't remember, but I think she provided the shoes as well. How I ever managed to get to the courthouse and get myself hitched, I'll never know.
 Outfit Particulars:

80's does 40's Byer of California dress .98 cents, Thrift World
50's hat-gift
Taupe gloves-mum's
Assorted bangles-thrifted here and there
Shoes-newish (K-Mart?)
Glass beads-Sarpy County Historical Society sale
Earrings-Thrift America

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Janice said...

You`re flipping the bird with more conviction these days. I like that in a blogger!

Goody said...

Thank you.

I like the image, gloved hand and all.