Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Couple Fun Old Bags (and matching shoes)

This is Sherpa, and he's going to present the first shoe and bag set.
The handle folds in, so that the bag may be used as a clutch.
 The bag looks pristine because I hardly ever use it (and I've had it over twenty years). Mr. ETB never takes me anywhere smart.
The shoes are Naturalizer, bone coloured, and for once, not slingbacks. Still somewhat granny.

Our Next Old Bag (and matching shoes) are being presented by Mr. Warbles.
The shoes are also Naturalizer, though slightly (ever so) less granny than the previous pair. Warbles thinks they smell of feet, and requests that we please move this thing along so he can fly back to his nest.

I admit it-I adore Naturalizer shoes. These are a perfect fit.
This bag is another I purchased years ago, and hardly use due to the size. What attracted me was the Lucite trim and clasp, but it is terribly impractical for me. It is doomed to a life as a sewing notions bag.


Both pairs of shoes were purchased at Thrift America for around $3.00 a pair (I think. They were cheap). The bags were both purchased years ago in western Massachusetts at an antique store.

Sherpa and Warbles would like you to know that they are taking the old bags out for an Early Bird dinner, and will be home by the time the street lights come on.


Joanna said...

I love the idea of bags with matching shoes. It's amazing the amount you paid for these gems. I can only dream:)

Goody said...

The market for vintage goods in Omaha just isn't there. A few trendy shops do 60's and 70's style polyester (not that there's anything wrong with that)but the prices are well below what I would consider fair market. Sometimes it can go bad though, and you go to get undressed and your foot is covered in black soot that you figure out is decomposing shoe lining. If I'd spent real money it would be upsetting, but at these prices it is less of a big deal.

The bags were acquired out in western Mass in the early 90's before the Brimfield fair turned into a big draw for antiques and vintage collectors.