Friday, January 24, 2014

Wiggle Dress (Sounds Like More Fun Than It Is)

Ideally, this would be worn with a one piece, but I'm lazy, and don't like having my ribs crushed beneath spandex. I can live with my rolls and lumps if you can. If you can't, then fuck off.
No, these dresses are not made for modern life. I drive a 1993 Ford Tempo. I'm sure the neighbours had a good laugh watching me attempt to slide into the car without bending, or stretching my legs.
Looking at the wonderful print, it is easy to understand why I suffer through wearing this dress. The fabric is silky, but not silk or taffeta. I'm not sure what it is made of, but it is beautiful, comfortable, and for a mid-century fabric, breathes a little-a rarity.

Finding a jacket to wear with this dress was tricky. I settled on this 60's suit jacket. The photo does not show well, but the colour is the same coppery hue as the dress. I look good in browns and rust.
 Outfit Particulars:

1960's (or very late 50's) wiggle dress: A long-gone store in Portsmouth, NH
Jacket: Part of a 60's suit purchased somewhere in Boston in the 90's
Earrings: Thrift America .99 cents (they were covered in rust, but they cleaned up perfect)
Bangles: Thrifted here and there.
Egyptian revival brooch-Mum's
Floral ring-Goodwill

 You would not believe how bad these earrings looked when I bought them.

Green nail varnish. Coral lippy. What the hell was I thinking? Truthfully, I love coral lipstick, but it doesn't love me. Boo.
I'm headed to the auto show this weekend, and an, "Owl Thing" at the nature centre.  I'm only attending the owl thing because there's a thrift store in town I want to check out. Owl let you know if it is a hoot or not.
*Be grabbing my hat now*

Have a lovely weekend.


Jessica Cangiano said...

Ahhh, now this is the kind of palette that I go especially wild for. Autumn hues are my very favourite the whole year though. Rich browns, tawny golds, earthy greens, harvest oranges, they all make my heart sing my wardrobe a very happy camper.

I love the jewelry you've styled your outfit with her. Those earrings are really something special!

Big hugs & tons of happy weekend wishes,
♥ Jessica

pastcaring said...

Hi there! Oh I do love that dress. The colours, the print, the style, everything. And I heartily approve of the sentiment "I can live with my rolls and lumps if you can. If you can't, the fuck off." I LIKE you! And I have the jewellery and the nail varnish and the glasses envy too... Hope the Owl Thing and the thrift store are worth the visit.
Btw, just read your last post, and we do the same thing, though not every weekend. Last night? Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - haven't seen it in years (the songs are a bit rubbish but the kids enjoyed it!)
Thanks for coming over to my blog, I appreciate your comments. xxx

Goody said...

@Jessica-I thought of you today, and wore a purple cardigan.

@Pastcaring-Toot Sweets! Oh, I loved that movie (and book). I think we watched it when Danny was small, perhaps it is time to watch it again.
Thank you for your kind compliments.