Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Another Faux Fur

I would place this coat in the early to mid-70's as I remember my mother having a similar style coat (except hers was real) with the suede trim. I am sadly, not a tall woman, and a full-length coat isn't the sort of thing I ordinarily find flattering-this coat is the exception. I've worn it quite a bit since purchasing it, which I can't say of most coats I've brought home.
I was concerned the fur would look flat after washing, but it brushed out perfectly. The suede is still a bit stiff, but softens with each wear. If I had the time, I could work it by hand to restore the softness, but I'm lazy. It isn't noticeable when worn, in  fact, this coat has people stopping to ask me about it every time I wear it.

Let's face it, Tissavel makes the best faux fur. They do. Next time you're in a store with several faux furs, check the labels. Odds are, if there is a Tissavel among them you will know it by comparison before you see the label. No, I don't work for them (they are still in operation) but I do appreciate well made materials.

Coat Particulars:

1970's Tissavel faux fur coat purchased for $24.99 (more than I would typically pay for a coat, but given the quality I made an exception) at Goodwill.

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