Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Small Happy Things

We spent the day purchasing items for a terrarium. I have moss, and rocks, and sea glass, and plants. There will be porcelain turtles, mushrooms, and perhaps a fairy or two. This time of year I'm happy for any bit of green I can find. There are primrose on my windowsill, micro lettuces, and thriving herbs. Trips to the garden centre keep me sane these long, Midwestern winter months.

Quite by accident, I found a packet of paper straws for sale. I very nearly cried at the happy sight of paper straws. Red, with tiny white hearts the straws are intended for Valentine's, but I can't wait two weeks to use them. Lemonade it will be, January weather be damned!

The library, the garden centre, the craft store, the organic green grocer. If I can keep this a weekly routine, I might just survive until spring.

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