Thursday, February 27, 2014

1970's Russ Jacket


According to the label, it isn't Russ, it is Rrrrrrrrrrruss. So there.

I salvaged this jacket from a last-chance rack at a thrift store for something like .50 cents. It was in terrible condition, but the beauty of all those 70's polyester double knits is their durability. They clean up perfectly with some hot water, and strong soap. I was a bit worried the mildew smell might remain, but it didn't, and with no visible stains, I figured this beauty would be ready to last another 40 years with someone to love it. I really do love it.
Crazy lapels? Check. Strange colour combination? Check. Long enough to cover my gigantic behind? Yes, yes, and yes! What's not to love?
That there is some 70's suburban housewife chic.
Don't forget a pair of wedge heeled shoes.
And a suede bag. That wasn't even optional. You moved to suburbia, and they were like, "Here's your gin and tonic, and oh, have a suede bag." At least that's how I remember it.

Outfit Particulars:

Russ Polyester 70's jacket-Thrifted
Red cashmere polo neck-Marshall Field's, 90's
Red polyester double knit skirt-thrifted
Purse-Marshall's, 90's
Cloisonné beads-Mum's
Cloisonné earrings, Thrift America
Blue snood-ancient, bought it in the 80's
Rose pin-thrifted

 It was so cold today, I had to remove the earrings as my lobes felt in danger of frostbite! I blame the wind, as it was only about 5 degrees F. which is bad, but not "remove your earrings" bad. The week ahead isn't looking much better. On the positive side, polyester is quite warm, and I have a couple new (to me) suits waiting for a wear.

Keep warm out there!


pastcaring said...

The jacket is really cool! It's definitely one of the plus points of Crimplene (polyester knit) that it is so durable and washes well, it's practically indestructible! Suburban housewife chic? Love it! xxx

Goody said...

Thank you, that means more coming from someone with great taste.

Not that I am a suburban housewife at present, living in what I'm told is a gritty part of the city (funny, I hadn't noticed it but people say it is so).