Sunday, February 09, 2014

Carefree Fashions Skirts

This is my third Carefree Fashions of Arizona skirt, and I think it is my favourite. They all look similar in style with slightly different trims and fabrics. The skirt if fully lined with a muslin-type cloth, and it does not wrinkle in the wash...because it is Carefree, I guess.

Don't I look carefree? Well, I think I do. Haven't a care in the world, really.
 Mr. ETB says this ring makes him think of eyeballs.
 Dress clips
 They're too beautiful to wait for a square neck dress.
 Some flowers to make February seem less bleak.
 I need to work on that eyeliner flick. I look like a startled giraffe.
Outfit Particulars:

Carefree Fashions skirt, Thrift World Millard .98 cents
Tank and jacket-retail
Coro earrings-Hand-Me-Ups store, Omaha
Dress clips-Hand-Me-Ups
Bracelets-all over, thrifted
Handbag-Ruby Begonia's-Lincoln, Nebraska

But I didn't spend my entire weekend with the raptors. Yesterday, we stopped by the Community Centre to play a little foosball.
I beat him, but I had a double major in foosball and pinball at school. Note the cop in the corner. Apparently, they think there's going to be need of an armed policeman because young people are all gathered in one place. The kids I've seen there have all been well behaved (the centre is located inside the public library) but I guess tempers can flare over table tennis. Maybe they see something I don't.

I never see other people playing foosball, and I get the sense it is kind of passé in these parts. Most of the kids come here to use the indoor basketball courts for practise. There are a few of these centres around Omaha, and it really is a nice thing to have available for free.

I picked up some really oddball stuff thrifting this weekend. A cinnabar bracelet, a bakelite brooch, an armful of 50's-60's handbags, and four vintage suits. It really was strange, because it was all in places I wouldn't have expected to find anything. I didn't even feel like going. I passed on so much stuff that I'll probably regret, but I just wasn't in the mood. I must be sicker than I thought.

Have a great week, everyone!


pastcaring said...

Polka dots, lace, ric rac, contrasting panels - of course I love the skirt! And with the mustard tights and bangles, not to mention the dress clips, you look great.
Your thrifting mission sounds successful, looking forward to seeing the treasure. xxx

Jessica Cangiano said...

Lovely, beautifully coordinating pieces and details at work here. I adore the earthy colour palette, too. It's very grounding and timeless (and also seems perfect for the start of spring when the first hints of green begin reemerging once more).

♥ Jessica