Monday, February 24, 2014

Mixing in the Modern

All the clothing components of my outfit today are modern items, yet the overall look has a vintage quality to it.
The skirt was a thrift store find, but I recognised the label as one sold at a modern box store. The cardigan is Abercrombie. The boots are K-Mart. Still, put together, it does have an older feel to it.

Don't be so quick to dismiss something that may not be true vintage. Some pieces can be right at home among your authentic pieces.
 Add some accessories, and complete the look.
Maybe try out a new shade of eyeshadow.
And a knowing smirk that your outfit cost under a tenner.
And if anyone doesn't like it? Well, you know what they can do.

Happy Monday.


pastcaring said...

The skirt has a vaguely Eastern European peasant look about it (this is good, btw) and I agree, mixing up old and new is perfectly fine. I rarely fine vintage knitwear, for example, but love a cardigan, so all my cardis are new (secondhand/charity shopped, of course). The vintage purists may not like it, but fuck 'em! xxx

Goody said...

That's cool, I'm vaguely an Eastern European peasant on Dad's side!

I like your cardigan collection, they work well with your maxi dresses.

Northern mum down South said...

Just found your blog from sopastcaring blog. Too late to read many of your posts now but I am loving your glasses - I must go out and get myself some groovier specs - just hope I can carry off groovier glasses. . .

Goody said...

@Northern Mum down South

Well first, welcome! Thanks for the kind words. I bought my glasses from a fantastic etsy seller, Just the Good Stuff. Her prices are excellent (though she's in California, so shipping and duty may change that)and many of her frames were samples from an eyeglass rep that never held glasses, in effect NOS. Mine were worn, but ever so slightly, and around $40 dollars US.

True vintage frames sometimes come with challenges fitting the nosepads, and removing the old acetate from the stems, but a good optical office should be able to improvise something.

Thank you again for stopping by to say hello.