Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Vintage Gloves, and Some Storage Ideas

Last week, I kept finding great gloves, some still in the original packets. I've never found gloves a natural accessory for my outfits, but I do wear them from time to time, particularly in the winter when my hands are in rough condition. Hat and gloves, seems correct but alone each feels a bit out of place to me. That look still lingered a bit when I was a child, but really only amongst the church lady types. Most of my mother's hats and gloves became items for my "dress-up" play. No, not playing with my dress, up. You people!

Yellow seemed like a practical colour, so I brought them home to live in the "handbag of gloves".
Yes, this is how I store my gloves. Rolling them up seems like it would cause stress to the fragile material, and I don't have drawer space to spare-so an old wicker bag has been forced into service as a glove holder. Since we are on the subject of storage...
I found this lovely old brass hand towel rack for a dollar. I wasn't sure if bracelets and necklaces would slide off, but it seemed worth a try. They stay put quite nicely. I do have a standing armoire for my jewelry, but I keep the less used stuff stashed in it. I like to have my costume baubles within easy reach, in case I have a costume bauble emergency. I don't want to be searching for my triple strand green Coro beads in a panic, so I find it best to keep them on the dresser. Why take chances? Why indeed?
I've yet to come up with a better way to store bangles than baskets and plastic lingerie boxes. Yes, I like Tic Tacs, those boxes are scattered all over the house. My breath...friends, it ain't nothin' nice. I brush, and floss-I swear I do.
Finally, have you ever used one of these tiered over-the door hangers? They're wonderful. It will hold about a dozen hangers. I use it for skirt hangers that hold four skirts each. That's a lot of skirts hanging off the back of a door no one sees most of the time. I keep the door open during the day, so if you are seeing it, you're obviously in my bedroom at night, in which case the only thing you had better be looking at is me. Extra storage-woo hoo!


Jessica Cangiano said...

Lucky you!!! It's always such a delightful treat to find vintage gloves in good shape and one's size. I store all of mine in five (and counting - the fifth is nearly full) modern divvied fabric sock/underwear style boxes. They're super lightweight, easy to stack, and inexpensive, so I can buy more as my collection continues to grow (which is likely always will - I love vintage gloves so much!).

♥ Jessica

Goody said...

Now that's what I call a collection! Five boxes! Ah well, you know how to wear gloves as they were meant to be worn. Me? Amateur at best.

I need to get some different divided boxes. Mine are hard plastic, and kind of fiddly to deal with. They're OK for bangles, but useless for anything that would need to be flat. Thanks for putting this idea in my head for my next shopping trip.

pastcaring said...

I rather like vintage gloves but struggle to find any that fit my big man hands. And I like all my costume jewellery readily accessible too, for those emergencies... xxx

Goody said...

I hadn't noticed your hands being unusually large, but now I'm totally going to pay attention!