Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Wearing trousers, and rocking a pair of old-lady Daniel Green slippers!

"You're wearing pants", Mr. ETB noted as I came downstairs.
"Well of course I am, what sort of a..."
"Oh, yeah. Well I'm going for a root canal this afternoon."
"Well what if I pass out, or die in the chair and my skirt gets twisted? I don't want some pervert having a quick peek at my fanny."

Perfectly rational, no?

Alas, the appointment had to be rescheduled for tomorrow morning, so I'll need to drag yet another pair of trousers (er, pants) out of hibernation in the far reaches of the wardrobe. I really don't wear them often.


" Ma? If you die at the endodontist, how much should I sell your Dior hat for?"

Funny, the root canal is the least of my worries at this point, but I guess to a child it sounds scariest. I swear, he's already counting the money, that one.


pastcaring said...

My daughters have called dibs on a few of my dresses, "when you're dead, mum". Charming.
It never occurred to me to think dentists were likely to peek up my skirt if I passed out in the chair. Thank you for alerting me to an otherwise unforeseen danger.
OR - here's a thought - wear a tight skirt and thick tights and granny knickers, then there'll be nothing to see there... xxx

Goody said...

Turns out, they had me tilted so far back, my legs were higher than my head, so I feel I made a good call with the trousers.

God, I'm glad to have that over with. Now I can get a crown put on, and deal with the rest of my life. Amazing how much time can be devoted to a tooth.