Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Natural Environment of a Pink Polyester 70's Blouse

...perfectly at home in a building that has changed little since the 70's.
It only made sense to visit the Aksarben Aquarium festooned as I was in 70's finery. Yes, it is an aquarium, but there's birds, and this fellow. You don't want to know what happened to his posterior.

 Creative taxidermy poses. The owl on the right clearly does not approve.
 I fear for that duck.
Models of animal tracks and scat for identification
Of course there were plenty of live birds as well.

Outfit Particulars:

1970's pink polyester blouse-thrifted
Grey Norton t-shirt -purchased early 90's, still going strong
Pendelton wool skirt-thrifted
Blue handbag-thrfited
Vintage Avon brooch-Hand-Me-Ups Store .99 cents

 How about a quickie in the powder room? Wait, that sounded bad, eh? I mean a photo-a quick photo. Geez, you people are terrible. Just terrible.
 Vintage Made in Japan bag. Remember when the cheap items came from Japan? They almost seem like luxury goods today.

Lastly, on the way home, we passed this billboard for a dermatologist. Click the photo to enlarge (it is the ad on the left).
Ewwww. I wonder if it is bringing in much business. It is memorable (though disgusting).

I get an extra day of weekend as tomorrow is a holiday in the United States. I'm going to drag the kid out thrifting because that's how I like to spend my day off.


pastcaring said...

Cool outfit, splendid blouse and bag.
Taxidermy... it's a strange thing, I'm never quite sure if I hate it or not. But I do know that advert is hilarious! xxx

Goody said...

This s a strange place. I'm very much an outsider, and though I've lived in Nebraska 13 years, I still don't really understand the place. People never seem to see the strangeness I do.