Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mid 70's Jacket and Skirt-Now With More Bats!

The bat has been caught, and set free. He came swooping downstairs having found his way out of the cupboard, so I grabbed a canning jar and we trapped him. A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door, and the bat was on his way to freedom.
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Spring is in the air (not really, it is going to snow tonight) and I'm dressed to enjoy the 40 degree sunshine (We'll take what we can get).
I haven't been myself of late, but having beautiful clothes to wear makes it somewhat more bearable. At least I have a reason to get dressed, as it would be a crime to let a skirt like this languish unworn.

Panther made such beautiful clothes in the 70's. Of all the long-gone brands, I miss them the most as I could count on the sizes to run true, and the fit to be flattering.
I climbed the step-stool for this photo which is really living dangerously, but I had already fallen a couple times this morning, so I figured the third one's a charm. I survived unscathed.
The collar on this jacket brings me great joy. If only all my jackets had such bitchin' lapels.

Outfit Particulars:
JC Penny jacket, .98 cents Thrift World
Panther floral cotton skirt .99 cents Goodwill
Red cinnabar bracelet-Hand-Me-Ups Store
Enamel Floral Pin-Hand-Me-Ups Store
Earrings-Thrift America
Black 3/4 sleeve top K-Mart
Tapestry handbag (70's I think) Hand-Me-Ups Store

Now for the real excitement of my day-there's a live bat trapped in my cupboard. For the bat's sake, he'd better not be dropping guano all over my vintage clothing, but we have someone assessing the situation as I type. The bats are protected at certain seasons, and you're not just allowed to dispose of them. For reals, people. It depends on what sort of bat you have, and some bats are bigger than others and some bat's mothers are bigger than others...
Goddamnit, there's a bat in my cupboard.
   Update: OK, so the Humane society is going to come out and dispose of the bat. God knows how long that will take. I mean it, if that bat poops on my clothes.

Well, let's distract ourselves with some pictures of my two-day old pin-curl set. Still looking pretty good if I say so myself.
 Did I mention there's a bat in my house?
 Here's a peek at Batman:
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Poor Danny, he was sitting in the room, reading Moby Dick, minding his own business when he saw what he described as a "pipecleaner" moving in the crack. That was the wing, I guess. He's been taking a pretty strong steroid medication for asthma problems, and he said he was worried it might be causing him to hallucinate. The packet insert did have a warning about, "Frank Psychosis", so it wasn't impossible. But no, he's still got his marbles, there is indeed a bat. Imagine that!
I guess now we wait for the humane society people to show up. The office is only a few blocks from here, but I guess in a city full of feral dogs, an out-of-season bat isn't a priority.
At least life isn't dull!


pastcaring said...

Well done for trapping the bat and helping it on its way to freedom.
Gorgeous skirt and jacket, love the bright floral and the wild lapels.
Moby Dick? Tell Danny he's a better man than I am, I couldn't manage it, soooooo dull! xxxx

Goody said...

I don't know how he is managing to read it-all those pages of the minutiae of whaling. Ugh. Then again, this is a kid that got through a good bit of The Magic Mountain, so dull philosophical stuff appears to be his thing. Clearly, he does not take after his mother.