Saturday, February 22, 2014

Too Lolita?

Yesterday, I was reading Curtise's blog where she wondered if her pinafore was, "Too Lolita." I can assure you, it is not-my mother would never have worn a pinafore! Yes, her name really was Lolita, and no, she wasn't amused when the book was published, though mercifully she was already out of school by that time. Anyway, it does tickle me to hear my mother's name being used that way.  It did however cross my mind that perhaps this dress was too short, and schoolgirl-ish when I selected it today. I don't think my mother would have worn this either.
The knit coat is granny enough to balance it off, I think.

I had to wear flats to keep the dress from being indecent. I've had these Chucks since High School.
I demonstrated how you try out hiking boots at the sporting goods store for Danny. Nah, I wasn't buying hiking boots, I just wanted to act like a fool in public. I excel at that.

Outfit Particulars:

1960's hand-sewn dress
Chuck Taylor high tops-vintage
Gold 60's handbag-Goodwill
Butterfly pin-Thrifted
1970's knit coat-Thrift World, Millard

At the moment I have all sorts of unpleasant medical (and dental, I mean WTF, at the same time?!) going on, and I really just wanted to get out, and have a bit of distraction from myself. A sporting goods store is a great place to do that-you can ask the teenage employees if the tents are, "Bear-proof" and try not to laugh as they try to seriously answer your question whilst assuring you that bears will only bother you if, "provoked" (Which is a fucking lie-just Google, "bear attack", or "a bear chewed my head" and you'll see plenty of people that didn't provoke bears) but that no tent, can be "bear-proof." When you get tired of that, you can point to the door that says it is, "alarmed" and ask what frightened it? Good fun, and completely free if you can resist buying anything.

We hit a couple thrift stores as well, and I came home with three pair of really pretty gloves, a beaded eyeglass case from the 40's, and some other small items. The kid who was working the register kept looking at what I was buying and saying, "Far out man", and "Whoa, those are really freaky fer sure." He looked about 16. I didn't know people still said, "far out." I'm not sure they do.

This weekend we have Soylent Green to watch for family movie night. I wanted to do a double feature with Omega Man, but the library didn't have it. I may need to go on line and buy it.

Hope your weekend is bear-free.


pastcaring said...

You see? Apart from the issue of taking your mum's name in vain, I'm glad you get the idea of some styles feeling just a little... awkward. I don't think your dress has a Lolita (sorry, again) vibe, the jacket does change the look, and how cool to have those Converse from your teens! You've got fab legs, a shorter length rally suits you. (Do people still say fab? I do. Obviously.)
Sorry you are having health and dental woes, that's shitty. So yes, a bit of distraction is definitely required. Far out. xxx

Goody said...

I think the only reason the shoes lasted this long is because I rarely wear flats.

People still say fab. Or I do anyway. I think I attract strange teenagers who feel comfortable talking to me, and sharing things they probably shouldn't. Maybe I give off a sympathetic vibe or something.