Friday, February 07, 2014

Nationalism at the Seafood Counter

Who knew purchasing a couple whole trout could turn political? I indicated I'd like two, and the fishmonger launches into how he's so glad they finally got some Idaho trout because he was sick and tired of selling Canadian trout. OK. Well they are a different species, I'm not sure it is really fair to compare, but his anger was clearly directed at those foreign fish. He was really frothing.

Is it the Olympics? Is that it? Maybe he's a curling fan, and knows the Canadian men's team will be bringing home gold, again? Bad fishing trip up North years ago? Jilted at love? I mean, Canada? I can think of countries flooding our markets with crap goods that deserve a bit of a rant, but we're talking about Rainbow Trout...and Canada.

Unless he has land in the path of the proposed Keystone pipeline (which I admit is possible) it seems like a somewhat silly thing to get quite so upset about.

Really, it was almost surreal.


pastcaring said...

I thought everyone loved Canada, and Canadians. And therefore their trout... But OK, maybe you're right, and there is a tragic back story involving a lost Canadian love. Perhaps next time you go to the fishmonger's, you could find out?
Mmm, trout, lovely. xxx

Goody said...

Honestly, I'm more frightened of Idaho, than I am of Canada.

It really was odd. I've known this fellow for years-and it just isn't like him.