Thursday, February 06, 2014

President's Day

In the United States we have a President's Day holiday combining the Birthdays of Washington and Lincoln. The following is what a simple assignment of, "Write a poem for President's Day" becomes in the hands of my nine year old son.

President's Day

President Washington never told a lie
Never about the cherry tree
Going up high.

The opposite was Nixon,
Who'd ALWAYS tell a lie
to the truth he'd always say,

If you want to be president
Don't be like Bush
When his mouth moved
lies came out, "whoosh!"

Be like Lincoln, who's laws weren't stinkin'.

I know we homeschool...but I feel I ought to send a letter to myself, demanding to know where he gets it from. Sigh. I think we all know where he gets it from.


pastcaring said...

He's a poet, I think you know it.
A+++ for Danny! xxx

Goody said...

Feel like I should add the traditional childhood rhyme:

Lincoln, Lincoln I've been thinkin'
What the hell have you been drinkin'?
Looks like water
Smells like wine
oh my god it's turpentine!

Haven't taught the kid that one yet.