Saturday, February 15, 2014

Christmas Corsages

I stopped by the Thrift World at 29th and Leavenworth in Omaha, not expecting to find much (that store is on the less-nice side). Lo and behold, what is sitting in the case at the front, still in the original packages:
 Look, a Shiny-Brite! That's the holy grail of Christmas corsages.
I was so pleased. One was $1.98 and the other $2.98. How could I go wrong? Well, unless you think Christmas corsages are wrong in fashion way, but I've never been intimidated by poor taste. No friends, I fucking revel in it.

That said, here are some things we didn't buy:
 Sad clowns, Little Boy Blue...who owned this stuff originally? Why? Why?
Still, two Christmas corsages are a score, and worth the trip to South Omaha.

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pastcaring said...

Good taste is overrated. Clowns, however, are not to be tolerated under any circumstances. Little Boy Blue is very camp. All he needs is a corsage... xxx