Sunday, October 18, 2015

Another Detour

 Somehow, I keep ending up at one of Nebraska's magnificent parks. I set out to go grocery shopping, and ended up at beautiful Lake Wanahoo, in Wahoo, Nebraska. This is one of our newer parks, several years in the making. It finally opened just as we were leaving Saunders County, but we do try to get back now and then to take in the lovely scenery and great birding. It was quite windy again, as you can see by my attempt to hold my hair.
 It was late afternoon, and the light we get this time of year hitting off the water and dried grasses is just so pretty. I don't miss country living (it was HARD) but I do still love a visit out there this time of year.

 Lake Wanahoo also works as flood control during periods of heavy rain. Anyone that lived out here before can tell you how much of a difference having somewhere to divert the water makes. There were times that Wahoo was simply cut-off after a good rain. Now, everyone benefits from the lake from boaters and anglers, to local wildlife and local residents.

I even found myself being greeted by a fallen tree branch. Yeah? Well same to you, piece of wood!

                                      No, it isn't a sparkly bin-bag-it is a dress.

 Outfit Particulars:

Maggie London sequined dress-Goodwill
Long flannel (I think it is a nightshirt) K Mart
Necklace-From the collection purchased at the Sarpy County Museum Yard Sale (I think it might be a belt-you can clip it several different ways)
Earrings-K Mart (I think)
Cuff bracelets-Had them for years
Boots-K Mart
Lippy-Revlon Cherries in the Snow layered over a red lip stain

 It isn't the easiest look to photograph due to the glare off the dress, but I liked how it came together.

At some point this week, I really will be forced to do chores, but at least I didn't waste precious weekend time! I know full well what winter can do around here, and I'm determined to enjoy every single autumn day I can because although it was cool and don't have to shovel wind!

I hope your week treats you well.


Bibi Maizoon said...

LOVE the sparkly bin bag dress& the Cherries in the Snow lippy!
The eyebrow raised and head tilted look as pictured in the shirtless bathroom photo - that's my "Go think about what you've done wrong," or "Do not mess with Bibi today!" look. My family & strangers alike know to give Bibi a wide berth when they see this look.
Thank you for the compliment on my profile pic. My niece and I were playing with all the makeup I brought back from Florida & did some 'beauty shots' - that was the niqabi view. I also had my permanent eyeliner retouched in Florida - I now have permanent wings!

Beth Waltz said...

Eureka, you've found it! Who would have guessed the Fountain of Youth was Lake Wanahoo in Nebraska?! Bottle the stuff and use the windblown pix of you shimmering under flannel and Cherries in the Snow as a sales poster!

Curtise said...

Sequins and tartan - genius! Loving the boots too.
I much prefer being a visitor to the countryside rather than living there - my farming ancestors will be spinning in their graves but hey ho... xxxx

Goody said...

You're really convincing e about the permanent makeup-it looks great.

@Beth Waltz
I don't think it is a fountain of youth exactly...maybe a bubbler ;)

Your ancestors likely knew how hard it was and wouldn't begrudge you your city life.

Sue said...

Look at you in your sparkly frock!! Nothing like a bin bag, in fact I have never seen a sparkly bin bag in my life!! Dam wind, but I will take the wind any day over the rain!!