Friday, October 09, 2015

Da-Rue of California

I wear this skirt so much, but noticed I'd never featured it on the blog. That had to change, because it gives me an opportunity to tell you about the maker, Da-Rue of California. Over the years I've accumulated a few of their skirts, and they are nothing short of incredible. I'm not being compensated in any way by Da-Rue of California, I just happen to enjoy their clothing. 
It looks like silk, but is in fact, synthetic. Wash and wear, never needs ironing, and the colours stay fast through years of washes. The pleats look as good after hours of sitting as they do when I pull it out of the wash. My Da-Rue pleated skirts are the reliable items in my wardrobe that never get packed away as they are essentially, "season-less." If I sound like a fan, it is because I am. Sure, I'm the sort of person that gets excited over a pleated skirt, but I also find excitement in the rare, well-made item of clothing. This is a brand worth keeping an eye out for. 
A pleated skirt that's flattering? It shouldn't work, and 5'2 I don't look dumpy in my Da-Rue skirts. Wish I could say the same of some others hanging in my cupboard. Side note-the squirrels have been leaving hunks of seed they raid from the bird feeders in my plant stand. Now that the plants are inside, they use the empty planter as a launching pad up to the feeder. Guess it is time to clean it up, and bring it in. You should have heard the rumpus down there the last couple of nights-you'd think they were having a wild party or something. 

The print on this particular skirt is just so perfect. Today I'm wearing it with a silky blouse and jacket, but it works just as well with a solid polo neck, or a cotton tee in the summer. I've worn it with a tailored suit jacket, with cardigans, and everything in-between. There are so few things I own that go easily between casual and dressy, but my Da-Rue skirts manage the job. 
This is my solid coloured Da-Rue in the beautiful faux silk material.  That stretch waist is forgiving because this photo was taken last year, and after a year of illness my waist no longer looks like that (*mutters about mega-doses of steroids and antibiotics*). I can still wear the skirt though, and it is still flattering! 

I'm going to make an effort to post more of my "everyday teaching clothes" along with the vintage posts. Monday-to-Friday I tend to favour the skirt/blouse combo (not always, as evidenced by yesterday's towel-dress) but enough that it might be interesting to post what I pull off the hanger at  6 AM. 
Up there-that's where the squirrels plot their takeover of the human race. They might well succeed. 
Don't mess with me squirrels. Do Not. If you think I won't come after you because I'm dressed nice, you're wrong. This skirt? Da-Rue. That means, "washable and squirrel-proof" in human speak. 


Connie said...

Oh ma gawd. I love da skirt! Never ever heard of Da-rue till now. I have to admit that I have a thing for pleated skirts. These are great. You're 5'2". Me, too. I thought you were like 5'8" at least. Fashion model height. You always look so long and elegant. And I love your teacher mode. A Plus!!

Beth Waltz said...

"Washable and squirrel-proof" is an eye-catching endorsment, 'tho I fear my hips would be too much even for the DaRue pleats. That brocade jacket, on the other hand, is calling to me. I adore silky blends that wear and wash well! I'll settle for garments that steam nicely in the shower.

There is indeed something "in the wind." Heard the coyotes chorus tuning up last night for the first concert of the season. And a fox vixen was screeching her version of "Ah, sweet mystery of life..." or perhaps it was "Someday, my prince will come..." It's difficult to understand the dialect sometimes. I suspect they're immigrants from Ohio. Probably Hinckley.

Bibi said...

Da-Rue is sold at Sears & Appleseed's according to my brief intarwebs search.
"Da-Rue of California is a family owned and operated business dedicated to the business of "GREAT THINGS TO WEAR for WOMEN WHO KNOW WHAT THEY WANT!"
I like the 'Herringbone' suits on their site too.
Loving the gold lame bag with the cream ensemble.
Loving that ochre brocade jacket also- is it fastened with frogs?

Sue said...

Hands up if you too are 5' F all, my hand is up!!! I cannot wear pleated skirts, I tend to look like an umbrella, one that has been put up that is. You look great in the colourful one and the cream one, very different looks but both work. Squirrels, wish we had some.

Goody said...

Nope, I'm vertically challenged. If the camera can make me look tall, why the hell can't it make me look thin? Clearly, the universe is out to get me.

Sears? Really? I thought they only sold junk these days.
The jacket is a funny thing-it had gigantic 80's shoulderpads that I removed, and although I think it was intended as a blouse, the closures would never keep it decent enough without something beneath. I found a second identical one in silver at the same thrift store, so I'll assume they came from the same person. They appeared unworn when I bought them. Funny to think of something so nice hanging away unworn since the 80's.

Be glad you don't have squirrels. I do like Blondin, I admit but his friends are causing havoc in the garden and at the bird feeders. I just don't get it-there's acorns and conkers all over the place-why eat the petals off my cyclamen, and nibble at the roots of my potted herbs?

Goody said...

@Beth Waltz

I haven't heard any coyotes since moving to the city, but there's a little poodle-ish dog in the neighbourhood that howls all night after being forgotten in the yard. How his owners don't hear him at 3 AM is a mystery.

Pleats are funny, aren't they? I don't typically wear them, but these skirts have managed to make a waistband that doesn't cause them to poof out too horribly.

Curtise said...

Ha, laughing at Sue looking like a put-up umbrella in pleats!
Well, I can tell you shorties that pleats aren't all that easier for us taller gals either - I'm 5'8" and I still feel as though I have to be careful about what I wear with my pleated skirts. I like mine with a fitted jacket to show my waist, otherwise I feel too voluminous.
But your Da-Rue skirts are fabulous (and what a great name!) and although I know you won't give a flying fuck, pleated skirts and pussy bow blouses are fashionable again. So there, you're "on trend" (ugh!) whether you like it or not. xxxx

Mim said...

Heh, I went straight to Etsy. No Da-Rue in my size, though.

That does look like a really versatile skirt, and it deffo does not make you look dumpy. The style and shape suits you really well.