Saturday, October 17, 2015


We were in a part of Omaha I rarely get to when I spotted the road leading to a park I'd been meaning to visit. "No time like the present!" I declared, and we turned off in search of the small lake and park.
 The park was very quiet, except for some ducks.
We didn't walk too far in as we weren't really dressed for a hike, and the wind was cold and biting. I'm sure we'll be back now that I know how to get there.
I spotted some local wildlife. That's the rare, Northern Red Cardiganed Pringle Eater sharing a perch with a Long Haired Grappa Sucker. They're both rarities for Nebraska.
What's that? You've spotted a Midwestern Clog Stomper? Where?! Over by the native prairie grasses?
Oh, that's just a Menopausal Fashion-Addled Mama. You can see those all over Omaha.
 Knee socks and clogs...
 Mexican tote bag from the 70's...

 The trees behind me were planted to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution of the United States. In just under 30 years the trees have grown to considerable height. The grounds near the nature centre are just beautiful. We spent a bit of time inside, chatted with the park ranger, and then took in all the views from the observation deck. We're so lucky to have the beautiful park system that we do in Omaha.

My typical pose brushing hair out of my face because the wind is always blowing like crazy in Nebraska (all those wide-open prairies, I suppose).

Outfit Particulars:

1970's denim skirt-Goodwill
1970's acrylic polo neck-Mum's (she gave it to me when I was a teen because it was too short for her. As you can see, it is too long for me, and I had to belt it and pull it higher to look normal. I wonder if it would be a good length on anyone?)
Vintage Donegal tweed jacket-Hand-Me-Ups
1970's leather Mexican tote bag-Thrift World
Owl earrings-K Mart
Nine West Socks-Can't remember, they're old (I have them in several colours)probably Field's
Fragrance-Eau du Gaga (Yep, another Lady Gaga perfume. This one is a really decent leather/violet/woody scent that smells much more expensive than it is. I don't care for her music, but the fragrances have been great).

I still managed to get the chores done, and even stopped by the Ralston library in time to catch the end of their Friends of the Library Book Sale. I was restrained in the book buying, but I couldn't resist a Kosher Cookbook by a woman who's surname was, "Bacon." I had to buy it. I also found Eric Sloane's Book of America, and a collection of recipes from the Lewis and Clark expedition. As I said, I really tried to avoid buying many books...the video tapes for .25 cents were another story.There's so much good stuff out there that never made it to DVD.

I hope you're having a nice weekend, and that any detours lead you somewhere interesting and enjoyable.


Bibi Maizoon said...

Eau de Gaga- white violet, lime, bergamot, clean patchouli, leather & clean wood.
My opinion of Lady Gaga's music & fashion sense- Didn't Madonna already do this? & better?
The 70's- when else would bell sleeved high necked acrylic sweaters be fashionable?
I must say, no one does 70's as authentically or fabulously as you Fashion-Addled Mama!
The long haired Kashmiri vegetarian goat-ropers who rule the roost around this Himalayan hovel have been unusually 'fragrant' of late. Spritzing themselves with wild abandon from Coty mini coffrets of all varieties & flankers of Stetson, Philosophy, Calvin Klein, & Aspen (all procured from Burlington Coat Factory, Hallandale Beach FL $6.99 BOGO) - I like layering fragrance but this is getting to be a bit much!

Curtise said...

That's a lovely spot, sometimes an unexpected detour takes us just where we need to be!
Your mum's jumper looks great, but it's that bag I'm really drooling over. Love it!
PS. The Bacon recipe book made me chuckle! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

The array of fauna in the little park is amazing! I believe I've spotted an immature female pringle eater in the car park near the Little League fields; however, the grappa sucker is a true rarity in the Midwest.

The knee socks and clogs combo works for you because you're petite. A woman who frequents a local Aldi favors it, alas. 'Alas' because she is a Brunehilde type who clumps like a large troupe of Valkyrie. Even the seed company cap guys frown and squint when she gallumps into the bier section. They see the tweeds and recognize fashion is before them, but they eye the footwear with doubt...

The Art Deco discs on the Mexican bag would attract my attention from the other side of the thrift. Well scored!

Goody said...

I love your profile photo!
I like all those fragrances too-but I agree, you can over-do it.

I know you can appreciate a good shopper/tote. I *had* to buy that cookbook. Maybe it will have something worth cooking in it-I've been kind of stuck for ideas.

@Beth Waltz

And now, a rhyme:

Who's that bum on the floor
Drinking Grappa?
That's no bum
That's my PAPA!

Personally, I can't stand the stuff.