Sunday, October 04, 2015

The Bees at My Knees

 I learn things from you, readers. I do! When I put out my query about wearing grey, reader Propagatrix suggested yellow. It just so happened I'd just purchased a beast of a yellow skirt that (I thought) I had no suitable match for. Turns out, I do. Thank you for pointing it out to me.

I do feel I should mention that wearing anything bright yellow in autumn as the bees are starting to freak out when their flowers are gone, is taking a sting risk. Thankfully the bees swirling around me were all quite polite and I escaped unscathed, but they sure did take notice of my skirt. Consider yourselves warned.

Today was the annual Lincoln City Libraries book sale at the Events center. We had an early morning of bird banding, and then we hopped over to the sale to see what they had to offer. I was so caught-up grabbing books that I forgot to snap photos, but at .50 cents for books I didn't bother holding back. The cookbooks were, as always excellent, and I came home with several new additions to my collection. It is now at the point where I should be trying to find a home for the cookery collection (well into the thousands of titles) rather than purchasing more, but what can you do when faced with such great stuff?  Danny found several records including one by Tom Lehrer. I have a feeling he'll be amused-greatly.
I wasn't sure how to dress for a cold, but sunny morning. There's an interesting optical illusion happening here. I'm only wearing a sleeveless shell, but it so perfectly matched the cardigan, that it looks like a long-sleeved polo neck. I figured if the day got warm, I could lose the cardigan and still look pulled together. It never did get warm, but it was a beautiful day.
Yesterday, I was at Hancock Fabrics looking to fuel my addiction hobby, when I spotted some beautiful corduroy with Scottie dogs. "Hey", I thought, "I have a dog print corduroy skirt, I should make another!" In the end though, I skipped it because $10.00 a yard should get you a quality fabric, and this flimsy, cheaply made fabric wouldn't survive a couple washes. If I'm going to go to the bother of sewing, I'd prefer something that won't look ready for the rag pile after a few wears. I don't know what's happened to that store, but the quality of the fabric they stock has gone seriously downhill.

Pardon the dirty shoes-the grass was damp this morning. I don't recall where I bought the skirt but I remember my mother's reaction to it, asking what they were teaching me up at that school as I looked "ready to join the ruling class".  Jokes aside, this well-made skirt has been in regular wardrobe rotation since 1982, and as long as it holds up, I'll keep wearing it.

 No member of the ruling classes would be completely attired without a Nantucket Lightship Baksket necklace. Sure, they're the stuff of jokes, but it does pull the look together nicely along with the knee socks. When Danny was very small, he loved opening the lid to peer inside. "What are you looking for?" I once asked, and he replied, "Cheese maggots." From then on (and typically in public places) Danny would grab the basket and loudly ask, "Do you have cheese maggots in there?!?" I had to stop wearing it for a few years until he forgot his hilarious joke. He likely overheard me telling my husband a story my mother told from her years working at a cheese company. She worked in the offices, but one salesman always insisted on returning his maggot infested cheese to headquarters and plunking it down on my mother's desk. At least I hope that's where he got the idea. On the record-we never had any cheese maggots nibbling away at our house.

 Outfit Particulars:

Grey/yellow outfit:
Top and skirt-Both K Mart
Shoes-Clarks thrifted at Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage Mar-Shel purse-Thrifted somewhere in Massachusetts about 25 years ago
Earrings-K Mart

Second Outfit:
Skirt-bought it new in the 80's
Bag-Bought it new, Von Maur about 15 years ago
Pendelton cardigan-Goodwill
Bass loafers-Goodwill
Scarab bracelet-Et Cetera, Seward
Earrings-Jordan Marsh, early 90's
Nantucket Lightship Basket necklace-Can't remember, had it since the 90's
Knee Socks-K Mart (well made, they stay up!)
Lippy-Revlon 5th Ave Red
Enameled Maple Leaf brooch-Goodwill
 The Bullwinkle Tree says to have a nice weekend, and I'll second that!
Best to agree with the Bullwinkle Tree as he gets testy when arguing.


Propagatrix said...

My God. I have finally imparted some useful knowledge in this lifetime.

The yellow and gray are lovely together, and you look fabulous in them.

I covet your miniature lightship basket. It's perfect -- even down to the teeny scrimshaw.

Goody said...


I think the scrimshaw is ceramic (possibly plastic)but thank you.

Bibi said...

Looking very like LLBean attired 'ruling class' in the cardigan, loafered, & Nantucket basket ensemble.
I sampled a traditional cheese in Nicaragua with maggots in it, creamy with a bit of an ammonia like bite as I recall.
But hey, since the border blockade here in Nepal we're reduced to eating rice which I must spend about 10 minutes picking weevils out of before cooking. I believe (or hope) the UN will be stepping in shortly.
That's why I gave up sewing clothes, the quality of fabric available to home seamstresses is such crap. Plus tailors make about $2 a day here so why even bother?

Goody said...


I really do hope things settle down soon, must be one hell of a shock after being abroad last month.

In High School I had a friend that worked at the local pizza joint. It was her job to pick bugs out of the bags of flour. I'm sure the health department wouldn't have liked it, but flour is a grain and sometimes it happens.
LL Bean IS for the American ruling class- at play anyway. The old-money rich that I knew growing up all looked shabby in moth-eaten woolens and ill fitting kilts.

Sue said...

I have a thing for fine corduroy, and those socks, and those shoes!! You always put together the best outfits!

Beth Waltz said...

The yellow and gray outfit works beautifully! Especially with the bag and shoes.

I heartily endorse all your observations (including those written between the lines) about fine quality in garments resting on not only design but also materials and workmanship. It required 30 winters for me to wear out a Bean corduroy skirt which was a well-cut A-line that forgave my shifting cargo. Bass loafers last longer, especially if one acquires a pair that permits the wearing of knee socks.

The old-money rich I know would glance at the lovely scarab bracelet and exclaim, "oh, I've got one of those from Aunt..." And they would certainly approve the charming Nantucket basket as "so sweet, remember Muffie gave us those at the..." Once upon a time, Goody, one lived with grace and those of us who didn't inherit those grace notes are now fortunate to purchase them at Goodwill.

Goody said...

I had a feeling you would approve of the socks ;)

@ Beth Waltz
Funny story:

In high school I had a friend that I worked with after school sacking groceries at Dominick's. My mother would look at her in the threadbare jackets, worn-through shoes and moth eaten kilts and feel pity. She was always asking me if perhaps she'd like some of my sister's cast offs. I had to explain that my friend lived in a thirty-some room house in the snooty suburb next to us, and that her dad commuted into the city via his private helicopter that landed in back of their house. For longer trips, he had a jet that flew out of the old Meigs Field. They were *so* rich, rich isn't the right word to describe it. That said, had I not been to her house, I'd have never known. For an heiress, there wasn't a hint of Paris Hilton about her. I doubt her family would have put up with that. The "old money" types used to behave better.

Mim said...

Hoorah for Tom Lehrer! I hope Danny likes it.

That scarab bracelet is really nice - no cheese maggots there.