Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Needs Bigger Hair/Higher Heels

Now I remember how I wore these sack-like dresses in the 80's. Sometimes I need to revisit a look to remind myself why I hated it so. Nice bag though, yes?
 The dress is a nicely made, heavy knit but....ugggggly. Look at the shoulders for heaven's sake. I suspect it once had giant shoulderpads that have been removed.
I'd place it around 1983-it has the start of the winged shoulder effect that was eventually everywhere by mid-decade. Gawd, what a hideous look. Even a belt couldn't help balance it out (I tried).
Bigger hair, huge earrings, and spiked heel ankle boots might have achieved a more faithful version of the look, but it isn't something I care to wear. This will likely be your first and last look at this dress as it is going away, hopefully to find love with an 80's obsessed teenager that can do something with it.

Outfit Particulars:
knit 80's dress-Goodwill
Suede 50's handbag-Goodwill
Vintage Echo silk scarf-Hand-Me-Ups\
Earrings-Antique store in Wisconsin
1950's shoes-Goodwill
Scarf clip-Thrift World
Tights-Shop Ko

In other news-you get to see my wall thermostat. It is 71 degrees in the house, which means the temperature inside and out are exactly the same. That almost never happens. Sorry about the crappy indoor photos, but the light outside was worse today.

80's sack dresses-what do YOU think? Can they ever look good on anyone?


Beth Waltz said...

Allow me to cast the first dissenting vote: The black tights, the black bag, the chic scarf w/ring thing work! with the bright shaft of color and the sleeked back hair. Granted, the toute ensemble is more Berlin, Germany than Berlin, Nebraska; however, one does what one can to lift the locals' vision, nicht wahr?

Goody said...

@Beth Waltz

Ha! But East Berlin (Germany, not Nebr.), because of the bad haircut. They had better hairdressers in the West.

You made me laugh so hard it hurt!

IrishRedRose said...

LOL! I can't possibly equal the standard of that comment! I actually think this dress looks really good on you, especially the color which is aces. (And as someone whose every extra ounce heads straight to the midsection, I personally like the forgiving shape...forgiving, but not a tent lol.)

I would suggest that this dress might spark with some gold jewelry, knee-high suede boots with heels, and a small shoulder bag, perhaps with a long chain handle. Plus fluffy hair, yep. Dresses like this...oh the 80s, not my favorite era either, but it can be fun with some uber bright eyeshadow and a snappy "I'm the hot lady attorney on Matlock" type attitude. :-)

Goody said...


I think, "I'm the hot lady attorney on Matlock" comes pretty close!

You guys are going to have me laughing myself into an asthma attack!

Bibi said...

I lived in Berlin, Germany as a university exchange student in 1989.
And indeed I wore a good number of those sack-like dresses in the 80's with shoulder pads, gaudy makeup (Borghese was my fave then), spiky heels, & huge hair.
I recall 2 of the sack dresses had a band of contrasting color around the bottom which sort of made it look as though you were actually wearing a straight skirt under some sort of blousoned tunic top.
One was navy blue knit on top with a paisley band on the bottom, the other was a silky, shiny pewter gray on top with a black band at the bottom. They were comfortable, easy to wear & care for, which was about all I thought about my wardrobe then.
I had a huge collection of Echo scarves too. Still have a wool challis one in Autumnal hues & printed with pomegranates, pears, apples & figs!

Curtise said...

You never look anything other than fabulous in red, but yeah, it's a tough dress to pull off. Or maybe not - straight over the head and you're free! It does say early Eighties, and I can definitely imagine it with huge hair and high heels, but dressing it down is a challenge... Ah well, you have to give things a go, but you have so many fantastic clothes to choose, you don't need to keep something which makes you feel like an extra on Dallas.
But yes, wonderful bag! xxx

Mim said...

It's a great colour on you, it's got that going for it!

Goody said...


Were you there when the wall came down? That would have been such an interesting time to live in Berlin.

"An extra on Dallas." Love it! This ugly dress has generated some of the best comments ever!

Thank you, I've learned to accept red being my best colour.

Connie said...

This dress actually brings back fond memories because the 80's were the only time in my life that I was ever able to afford "nice" clothes so I owned a lot of 80's beauties/uglies. However, those shoulder pads do no favors to those of us who are vertically challenged and I was happy to see them disappear with the times. I do agree with Curtise. You always look smashing in red.