Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Black Tights-Not Dying

...but the dirty mirror is killing me.

By now, you've probably read THIS?


I'll keep it short today as I'm still recovering from wrenching my neck in a very bad way. Three hours in the urgent care and all they gave me was a shot of a muscle relaxer and some weaker-than-aspirin medication to go home with because the patient *might* become addicted to anything that would actually help.  Oh, and a crazy high bill because in America you shell out for health insurance and still end up paying anyway. So yay, me. I'm a little crabby.

I can only turn my neck in one direction-this one. Damn, I really ought to clean that mirror, but I'm not going to be stretching my arms to do it any time soon. I also need a tooth dealt with, but I guess I won't be leaning my head back either-not  for a while.  Anyway, as I now have all this time on my hands to think about important stuff like black tights and social class, I now know where I stand on something I wasn't aware required consideration. Solidarity!

Outfit Particulars:
Vintage kilt-New Life Thrift
Black Tights-Shop-Ko
Polo neck-Gordman's
Vintage 60's scowling face sans-makeup-Mostly Mum, a little bit Dad, 
Fragrance-Violetta di Parma (and lots of it, because Aromatherapy is probably more helpful than anything I was treated with at the Urgent Care)

Wow, am I cranky today. 
Viva la Black Tights, Comrades!


Connie said...

That was an interesting commentary on black tights. I say, "black tights forever!!!!" Gosh I hope you feel better my dear. And WTF?! I went to pick up a prescription for my daughter and they wanted $300. three hundred dollars. I am NOT kidding! We are ordering it from Canada. You look beautiful even when you are in pain.

Sue said...

We have free public hospital care here for emergency stuff. Other things you goon a waiting list or pay to go private, which is expeny as! You could have dosed yourself at home with the weak as piss aspirin. Why dose everyone think ADDICTION! I hope you crooked neck sorts itself out soon, and you are entitled to feel cranky, so crank away at will. Love the kilt with the BLACK tights!!!

Bibi Maizoon said...

Oh dear, what happened to your neck?
You know those old timey muscle relaxers that actually work like cyclobenzaprine (brand name Flexeril in the US), carisoprodol (brand name Soma in the US), & methocarbamol (Robaxin in the US) are not available in India.
But I can buy a bucket of Valium (diazepam) or Librium (chlordiazepoxide, like a long acting Valium) for less than $5 without a prescription- that'll get those muscles relaxed just fine!
Add a big wallop of a super duper non steroidal anti inflammatory like piroxicam (Feldene in the US) with 40 mgs of famotidine (Pepcid in the US) to protect your stomach (both also available without an rx & for pennies in India also) & that neck pain will calm right down.
I don't know how you got into those tights with your neck pain, too much wriggling & jiggling for me. I'd just throw on a caftan, plop in bed, & call it a day.
Happy Vidaya Dashami everyone!!! (Vidaya Dashami is like Xmas day for Nepali Hindus, all businesses are closed & everyone's eating goodies while sporting red tikkas on their foreheads & jamaraa (auspicious barley sprouts) in their hair.)

Beth Waltz said...

Nothing like being in real pain and simultaneously annoyed by The System! Might I suggest a relay of face towels, run through the rinse cycle in hot water, spun out twice, then wrapped around your poor neck. Blue emu cream is an old-style pain reliever that works; Bio-Freeze is what my masseuse applied to whatever's really hurting. Aromatherapy does indeed serve to relax and soothe everything but the outrage at being charged rent for a spot in ER.

Black tights? Not only do I wear black tights, I just acquired new ones for semi-formal wear at upscale liquor stores. They're fleece lined!

Propagatrix said...

My uncovered legs should never ever be viewed by anybody who does not want to go prematurely blind. I'm hideously pale and have some terrifying veins. Therefore, I freaking LIVE in tights. It's for the good of the world.

Curtise said...

Ha, I read that article and thanked my lucky stars I don't live in a world where anyone gives a shit about when/where they wear black tights. So there.
Oh dear, you sound like you're struggling - neck AND tooth pain ,that is really grim. You're allowed to be far more than crabby, I reckon.
I am also thanking those stars again that we still have the NHS in this country (although probably not for much longer if the present government has anything to do with it...)
Look after yourself, and keep wearing the tights! xxx

Goody said...

I haven't done the Canadian pharmacy route yet, but I'm interested to hear how it goes.

People routinely go bankrupt here by the misfortune of getting sick.

All I did was roll over in bed! Last tine I did this it was reaching up to shampoo my hair. I am PATHETIC. I'd shake my head, but it would probably do more damage. They gave me a few Flexeril-it isn't helping.

@Beth Waltz
Never heard of the Blue Emu cream-I'll look into it, thank you!

I haven't seen your legs so I can't comment, but I do know that a good pair of black tights is a wardrobe essential.

They seem determined to chip away at the NHS bit by bit thinking no one will notice. I have to think it is a dangerous political gamble.

Mim said...

Black tights rule. Then again, I was at uni in the 90s so wearing black opaques is one of those things that I do automatically. (Sometimes it scares me how much the 90s formed my tastes even though I was a goth back then.) I don't get the obsession with bare legs, and until that Guardian piece popped up I thought it was an American thing.

Doctor Mim prescribes alcohol, suitably coloured and flavoured, at the strength you prefer. It's a relaxant :-)

Oh, I love our NHS! The state of it worries me, but at least we still get treated for free. The American system terrifies me. I pay into my local hospital's charity fund; the Tories aren't going to run my hospital into the ground then sell it off to 'improve' it without a fight...

Goody said...

I have a jar of brandied cherries that should be about ready-perhaps I ought to have a "fruit Salad" (hey, I'm working on my 5 a day!).

Oh man, unless you live in the Southern states going bare legged after August is insane in the US.When I see people in trousers going about sans socks, I start fearing they'll catch cold.

I'd fight too if I lived there. I don't see how they can dismantle something that has been so beneficial to so many people over a couple generations. Disgusting.

Connie said...

A little update. We're still having difficulties getting the drug from Canada but we're still working on it. I'll keep you posted. Seriously. This is just ridiculous, isn't it?