Friday, October 16, 2015

Camel? Beige? Phlegm? Dull Any Way You Name It

Thanks everyone for your kind comments on the previous post. I had no idea anyone else's parents were as nutty as mine.
 I'll try anything to get some excitement into my outfits these days. This isn't a terribly exciting get-up, but I had things to deal with today that required me to look sorta normal. Yeah, I know. I feel like I need a bath, and a polyester maxi to cleanse my soul. Both the jacket and skirt have matching counterparts but seemed like too much together. Besides, Danny made off with the camel jacket ages ago and it fits him better!

This was my first use of a new-to-me vinyl handbag. It looks an awful lot like all my other brown handbags, but I swear, this one is different. Well, not really, but I have to justify purchasing yet another brown handbag, so there you are. I wear a lot of brown.
 The brooch and earrings are both recent (last few months) purchases that haven't yet appeared on the blog. The earrings, lovely as they are are murderous bastards trying to deform my ears. Oh god, the pain. From here on out, they're getting re-purposed as shoe or dress clips and will never be near my ears again. I wear clips regularly, but these are waaaay beyond what I consider normal for earring discomfort.

In other news, holy shit, I'm getting grey. 
 I wish it would just finish and go completely grey already-this in-between stuff is annoying. I can't use the "blue" shampoos to enhance the grey as they're all made with walnut shells/oil for some reason. 

Outfit Particulars:
Cashmere polo neck-Marshall Field's Country Shop-80's
1960's Casual Corner jacket-Vintage shop in Brookline, Mass. about 20 years ago
1970's wool skirt (part of a suit made for a local dress shop)-Goodwill
1960's Gaymode shoes-Thrift World
1960's vinyl bag-Goodwill
Brooch-Sarpy County Historical Society yard sale

Fragrance-I've been wearing Chamade lately after a decade-long absence. I had a huge bottle I gave away as I never wore it, but after purchasing a small decant I've been getting reacquainted. It still isn't love, but I'm finding I like it better than I used to. I still don't smell the rose, but the hyacinth, aldehydes, and vetiver probably strangle it a bit. It definitely smells like a 60's perfume, and is easily unisex. I'll get a review written eventually. Worth a try if you like green/oriental type fragrances. The amber and musk aren't overwhelming in Chamade. 

Ooops, dirty mirror. 

This is the rare weekend where I don't have anything planned-and I intend to enjoy it. 
See ya later, alligator. 


Bibi said...

I miss Fall in California. Getting out the woolies & boots, the harvest & art fairs, the mild & DRY weather. I'd mention the changing colors of trees & vegetation but with California's decade long drought things just go from brown to browner in the Autumn. I don't miss the agricultural burning that used to rip my sinuses apart. I hope for Danny's respiratory health they don't do ag burning where you're at.
I used to put laundry bluing in my shampoo & conditioner to keep my bleached locks silvery platinum rather than fading to dingy yellow. Now I just use Redken EQ shades 9G demi tint as I've gone to a more sophisticated golden beige rather than starlet platinum. (OK so the platinum was really starting to be a bit aging & graying on my aging & graying self, the sophistication factor is debatable).
Looking fabulous as always in those Fall colors!
What's the lippy?

Goody said...


Lippy is Revlon Spicy Cinnamon. Similar to Estee Lauder Maplesugar, but less shimmery.

When we were still on the farm everything was burned (ag stuff, garbage-you name it). Strangely, that never seemed to bother him. We moved to the city and, boom-he develops asthma. Go figure.

Goody said...


I draw the line at laundry bluing-you're lucky you didn't go blind!

I like the beige-blond haircolours-I sported a medium beige blonde for a bit in my 20's.

Beth Waltz said...

Agreed, too much plain camel is too normal for a woman who feeds elegant cakes to a squirrel named for an acrobat. Picking up the blue thread in the plaid works with the accessories -- do you own any blue bags?

I, too, collect clip earrings. The herd is housed in clear plastic egg crates. Many of the biggest, meanest sets are now destined only! to adorn my plain pumps. A few of the giants with teeth are now considered scarf clips. Their fangs are quite capable of corralling furs, were I to wear a set slung around my shoulders. (Who wore these things, anyway?!)

Gray? What gray? Only my hairdresser knows, and she informs me my uncolored hair would remind the public of a l953 Chevy Bel Air "...two tones, as neat as 'tho somebody took a string to mark the halves. Kinda weird." Gah. This is one classic look I'm avoiding!

Goody said...

@Beth Waltz

*slaps head* Blue! Yes, I have blue bags and shoes-why didn't I think of that. Thank you.

We're up at the same time this morning. I didn't plan to be up this early-now I feel like I owe them a cooked breakfast or something.

Propagatrix said...

"She held up a tan vinyl suitcase with rounded edges; it reminded Macon of a partly sucked caramel." --Anne Tyler, THE ACCIDENTAL TOURIST

Connie said...

I could never wear beige and camel and tan which I think are such super chic fall colors. They just wash me out. You've got the perfect Snow White coloring to carry it off, lucky you. And you really do have that chic aristocratic lady vibe going on. As for grey hair, now that mine is almost completely there I find that now I can't wear gray either. Too monochromatic. Such is life.

Goody said...

As I read the quote, my eyes being terrible and all I read it as a "Partly sucked camel" and I wasn't picturing the cigarette.

But that would be Paul Bowles, not Anne Tyler ;)

That might be the first time anyone told me I looked aristocratic.

Curtise said...

I have problems with beige/camel/tan, whatever we're calling it. I know it's deemed classic and can look terribly chic, but I feel so dull in it. Which is a shame, since I have a delicious 1970s camel wool coat with a fur collar that I so want to wear and love, but I still feel boring in it.
That said, you do look ever so smart and Grown Up. Normal? No, I wouldn't go so far as to say that; don't you EVER try and be normal, please! xxx

Goody said...

Maybe try wearing it with a matching hat for full 70's effect?