Sunday, October 11, 2015

Green and Brown

The bizarre weather continues with today drifting into the 90's. We'll cool back down by mid-week, but it is making getting dressed challenging. The trees have been slow to turn as well, so I'm taking my fashion cues from the trees mixing brown and green.
It sort-of works, but really I'm just ready to climb into the woolens already. 

 I adore these plastic clip earrings. They hurt like the dickens, but they're so bright and cheerful I wear them anyway. It hurts to be beautiful.
 This brooch came from the collection I found at the Sarpy County Historical Society fundraiser. The woman that owned all this stuff really had wonderful taste. I have several similar brooches, but none with a cameo-type image. I'm sure these were cheap junk in their time, but today this sort of thing is really desirable. It did take an uninteresting cardigan and dress it up a bit.

Wedge-heeled loafers. What can I say? I own two pair and love them. I had similar shoes in the mid-70's, and I adored them. I wear flats sometimes, but after so many years wearing heels, they really hurt the muscles in my legs. I also have a habit of dragging my right leg (easily visible by looking at how my heels wear) which is a bit trickier in heels, effectively forcing me to pay attention to how I walk.  I've always leaned a bit to the side, but flat shoes seem to exaggerate it. So there-I need the heels, they're therapeutic. 

The embroidered fabric of this skirt is difficult to photograph, but I wanted to get a close-up so you could see how well blue, green and brown work together. I nearly packed this skirt away for the season figuring linen would look funny in October. Am I ever glad I didn't. 

These beads were from the same collection as the brooch pictured above. I was glad I had a chance to speak with the woman's daughter when I bought them-it makes me happy to know she was a well-loved woman. 

We took a ride out to Blair, Nebraska today. Every Halloween, local shops will put out pumpkin/scarecrow displays and it is such fun driving around the town looking at all of them. 
These fellas were outside the Goodwill. 

Outfit Particulars:

Silk Skirt-Goodwill
1960's Gaymode shoes-Thrift World
Green cardigan-Goodwill
Vintage handbag-Goodwill
Brooch-Sarpy County Sale
Bakelite bangle-Goodwill
Fragrance-Creed Green Irish Tweed (Danny calls it, "The GIT") Smells like Cool Water for a whole hell of a lot more money.

Outfit Particulars #2 (heh heh, she said ""number two!")

Chaus skirt-Goodwill
1960's handbag-Thrift World
Bangles-all over
Necklace-Sarpy County Sale
Freshwater pearl clip earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
Wedge-heeled loafers-K Mart
 1960's Blouse-Salvation Army
Fragrance-Lady Gaga Fame (smells an awful lot like Boucheron Place Vendome for a whole hell of a lot less money. Strong honey scent). 

Finally, no weekend would be complete without a stop at Broncos to play pinball and arcade games.

Hope you had a nice weekend where you are. Tomorrow is a holiday here, so we get an extra day to sleep-in. You can be sure I will.


Bibi said...

Just to let you know-
"Cool Water Has Officially Been Destroyed"
Apparently Coty Prestige decided to reformulate it again to appeal to 'modern tastes'-
"Instead of crisp, long-lasting lavender and green apple notes, it opens with a muted lavender, only lightly brushed with apple, that swiftly segues to a muted tobacco/musk accord & a stale, wet cement note."

Oh well, the GIT always did have a muskier, more woodsy base I liked better.
You know I sampled a lot of Creeds this last visit to the US & I thought they'd changed also. I wanted to buy a new bottle of Spring Flowers & sampled bottles from the duty free shops, the discount shops in malls & finally at Nordstrom's & they were all missing that fabulous fruity apple/peach/melon opening blast & the gorgeous jasmine dry down.
Tried the new (to me) Virgin Islands Water- a watery mojito, not impressed.
Love in White- more like love in blah.
Himalaya- wet cement & gunpowder.
Now I know Creeds (and Annick Goutals) are famed for going 'off' if not kept properly but was it just my peri menopausal nose, the heat & humidity of Florida, or has Creed changed or possibly had some bad 'vintages'?

I was afraid of trying Lady Gaga's Fame as it was described as a sweet, fruity, boring mess.
I did try Thierry Mugler's Womanity as it was so controversial & OUTRAGEOUS with note of figs & fishy/salty caviar. I love figs- but Womanity was just a sweet, fruity, boring mess. No wonder Womanity is already being discontinued.

We have food, water & electricity here now but no petrol. Between this & the earthquake I think our tourist season is going to be KHATTAM (over, finished in Nepali) before it even starts.
Weather is cool, (70's) mild & pleasant here.
Love anything cameo- I have a collection of cameos in everything from mother of pearl to Bakelite.
Toodle pip!

Mim said...

It's weird how the celebrity scents you least expect to be decent can be jolly good. Britney Spears Fantasy is one that's often smelled great on people, and - and this is a REALLY weird one - Jade Goody Ssh! is also really decent. (Jade Goody was a notorious British reality TV star.) I'd probably never try Lady Gaga because I find her irritating.

Nice green cardi there, and I lile the embroidery on the skirt too.

Beth Waltz said...

That unusual emroidery on the skirt certainly adds an interesting foliage texture to the ensemble, just as the inexpensive but far from simple cameo 'finishes' the top. I, too, am particularly delighted to acquire by purchase those items not left to me by inheritance from my "Auntie Mames" (those great ladies I didn't get to meet, but whose blessing I'd hope to have should they peer through The Veil and see me enjoying their baubles).

The wedge-heel loafers are handsome! The heels make them more appropriate for wearing with longer skirts than regular loafers, don't you think.

Goody said...

"Womanity" is just too awful a name for a fragrance. It could be the greatest scent ever (it isn't) and I still couldn't get past the name. or the bottle. I'm not a snob but...

Here's hoping life gets back to normal for you soon. You'd think after the earthquake they'd want to do everything possible to preserve the tourist season.

Oh yes, the woman famous for wondering if East Anglia was part of Britain (or something like that). I'm surprised the perfume lived on once she died.I can't decide if I like Gaga (the performer) or not. Danny's not terribly impressed with her so I've been spared listening to her music in the car.

@Beth Waltz
I know that I'd be pleased as punch to see a young person enjoying my belongings. Hopefully, I'll be able to pass them along whilst still here, but I think anyone that collects would want to see their items appreciated.

Curtise said...

That's funny, I've just been doing blue and brown with a 70s vibe (and a pleated skirt) - we're in sync! Loving all the accessories here, especially the beads and bag.
Who knew Lady Gaga smelled like honey? xxx

Goody said...


I LOVED your blue/brown combo-particularly that maxi dress.