Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Fun 30's Crepe Dress and a Vogue Hat

It was a beautiful day, with no chance of rain so I took my best dress and hat out for a jaunt.
The beautiful garden is an atrium at the local Extension Office.
This lovely moth had me fooled for a moment thinking it might be a hummingbird.
I'm quite protective of my Vogue hat, stamped "Paris." It has lived in a hatbox on the top shelf of my cupboard for at least twenty years. Those are a cluster of feathers to the side, though they blend well with my hair.
This was the first wear for this handbag. I like it, though it has just *barely* enough room for all the modern stuff like phones, eppi pens, and the bottle of liquid Benadryl I need to carry for sudden reactions. In the 50's if you got an allergic reaction you were probably a gonner.

The dress has caplet sleeves fastened with rings. I think it was the feature that attracted me to the dress.
I bought these shoes around 1980 for more money than I had ever spent, or have spent since. They were an insane purchase, the sort of thing you only do when single, and slightly out of your mind. I've taken good care of them, and I like them, but my mother was probably correct for freaking out when she saw the receipt. I was working, had money of my own to spend, and these shoes were my over-the-top purchase. They are comfortable though-I guess they should be for that kind of dough!
Outfit Particulars:
1930's Dress: Thrifted
Vogue Hat: A thrift store in New Hampshire circa 1992
Shoes: retail, circa 1980
50's handbag: Ruby Begonia's, Lincoln Nebraska
Necklace: Mum's from the 60's
Bracelet: Mum's from the 70's
Crystal Earrings: Gran's 1930's
Double Cameo Ring: Gran's 1920's possibly early 30's
We hit the mother of all jumble sales today to benefit the Sarpy County Historical Society. That will be another post, but we got there late when everything was 1/2 off. I have a new pair of 50's bedside lamps, Italian silk scarves, Fire King bowls, Damask Napkins, and a demitasse set. Oh, and patterns, and lace trims, and, and, and. They do this every year, so mark your calendars for 2014!

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