Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Month of Frightening Features

This year, we're celebrating Halloween all month by watching as many scary, classic films as possible. I know, "Classic" is subjective, but bear with me.

I jumped the gun tonight, and watched The Most Dangerous Game with Danny. You should have seen the look on his face when he saw the weird Count's trophy room! I'd forgotten how much I love that movie. You almost forget it was made in 1932, as the camera work is so damn slick.

I want to work this into the film study part of our humanities curriculum, so far I've come up with a short list of films for us to work through, but I could use your help and suggestions. Here's what I have so far:

The Wicker Man (the original, for god's sake you don't think I'd have him watch that horrible remake with Nicolas Cage, do you? That sucked, don't bother watching that one).

The Thing (yeah, the original, what's wrong with you people?)


The Exorcist

The Omen

Rosemary's Baby


And there I'm kinda stuck. If it weren't for the sex, Don't Look Now would be a good one to show, but then again it is a VERY long movie, and even I was checking my watch after two and a half hours.

Alien? Maybe? I'd like to stick to films where there's something to discuss other than, "Oh my god, did you see that? Gross!"

So help me out here. What movies made you gasp when you saw them? I mean, besides Repulsion, because I am not showing that to an eight year old. Fun family trivia-my husband saw Repulsion as a teenager, not knowing anything about the film. He sat down, and (by his account) knew almost immediately, "This is going somewhere bad." He's always been a master of understatement.



Janice said...

Barnabas Collins and Dark Shadows would have to be on that list at my house. Not the Depp version, the old creepy classic one.

Goody said...

Oh yeah, that is a great idea! My sister was *really* into that show. I didn't see the appeal at the time.

I did love what Tim Burton did with it though.