Friday, September 13, 2013

Shopping My Cupboards

Welcome to another edition of Shopping My Cupboards, where I put things to use I'd long forgotten. Today, a musical, Lucite candy dish, and some mid-century glasses.

First up, my Gran's candy dish. Except it never saw any candy when she owned it, just sunflower seeds. I'm not much better, I've never used it to hold anything. Well, consider that soon-to-be righted. Next time I post, this beauty should be holding peppermint disks.

It is musical. When the drawer in front is tipped open, the blades of the windmill turn. I have no idea what melody it plays. Maybe I can upload a sound file and see if anyone knows it.

I've brought it out of the china cabinet to sit atop the piano where I can appreciate it.

Next in line, 50's barware. My parents had glasses like these, but they broke one by one. I spotted these in a thrift shop in Kansas. That was...maybe thirteen years ago? Anyway, I thought it was time to use them. I've set the table with a yellow cloth, and black and white place settings, mats, napkins, etc. I thought they complimented each other nicely. Sadly, they won't be seeing any scotch tonight, but there is raspberry juice.

Don't put this sort of thing in a dishwasher-the gilt will fade to nothing quickly.

Danny is making our meal this evening, which I will post at a later point. He's been prepping, and chopping, and washing up as well. I know there's something called, "Italian Style Fish" from an ancient cookbook he's making. Should be fun.

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