Monday, September 02, 2013

Labour Day, 2013


 Outfit Particulars:

Dress: Thrifted, Fitchburg Mass. Circa 1993, Appears to have been hand sewn.
Red Bangles: Vintage, purchased at the Imaginarium, Omaha
Belt: Something I bought retail in the 80's
Handbag: Mum's
Metallic Heart Shaped Earrings: Retail, Bongo I think they were clearenced for something like.75 cents.

This is another dress that is far too large to be worn without alterations, but I'm lazy, and we all know I'll have to let it out again sooner or later.

 Woody Woodpecker! What are YOU doing in the (mostly) abandoned mall?!
The mayor just forced the fire chief out of his job...I hope she's not replacing him with Woody Woodpecker.

The train is also known as, "Big Boy."

Where I live, they've managed to re-brand Labour Day as, Septemberfest. Seriously. Strip the holiday of any and all meaning. The closest we got to anything suggesting labour was standing next to a Union Pacific railroad engine-at least it had the word, Union in it.

The park where these two engines reside on permanent exhibit (and it is a hell of a hike up a steep set of stairs to get to-don't say I didn't warn you) is just over the border from Iowa. From the Interstate, there's a visible sign beneath the trains reading, "Welcome to Omaha." I rather like it. This is still very much a railroad city.

After we left the park, we went for a walk through the (mostly) abandoned mall in Council Bluffs. That was kind of fun, in a post-apocalyptic kind of way. So much fun in fact, we stopped at the other (mostly) abandoned mall in Omaha on the way home and walked around there. I like the vibe they have now, with small independent shops doing month-to month leases. If I ever need a Samurai sword, I know where to get it.

The best part of the (mostly) abandoned mall was the surprise of finding an Woody Woodpecker themed ride. Danny's too big for those now, but we had fun posing next to it.

Tomorrow, he starts grade three.

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